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Solved CB500X won't start after I removed and replaced the fuel tank

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TheEvilPenguin, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. My 2014 Honda CB500X, (35,000 km, always serviced when due) won't start this morning after removing the fuel tank last night. I'm pretty sure I followed everything in the service manual except some of the inspections that need special tools but I don't have too much mechanical experience so it's not impossible I messed something up.

    I had to strip the bike down a fair bit, and removed the fuel tank, including fuel pump cable, fuel line (quick connect type) and breather hose. I also opened and tried to remove the air box, but couldn't get to some of the bolts and reassembled it. I don't recall unplugging anything else and can't see anything, but it's not impossible.

    I plugged everything back in and tested the bike last night before putting the fairings back and it ran fine (I only ran it for about 10 seconds), but it wouldn't start this morning. I hear the fuel pump run when I turn the ignition on and the starter runs fine, but it won't fire. While trying to start it the fuel pump runs too until about half a second after letting go of the button.

    To get the obvious out of the way, the kill switch is off, the side stand is up and it's out of gear (it only doesn't start if it's both in gear and the side stand's down).

    I think the next step is to disconnect the fuel line again and test the fuel flow, but the service manual says that a seal and a clip should be replaced every time it's removed so I'd like to minimise that for the moment. I'd call my mechanic but he's on holiday at the moment and I can't find any others in the Western suburbs of Melbourne who would come out

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Have you checked the fuses?
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  3. I have now, they're all fine
  4. Find the air intake, spray some fuel or start ya kunt spray into that air intake while cranking the bike. If it starts momentarily and then dies, you have a fuel supply issue.
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  5. No luck with Start ya bastard in the intake
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    See if you can feel the injectors clicking.
    Disconnect a spark plug/commentsl and see.if spark is jumping..
    Check for voltage at injector and coil etc.

    Can you smell unburnt fuel at the muffler outlet?

    Has the fuel pipe been squashed or linked when putting tank back on?
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  7. Thanks everyone for all the help so far, I really appreciate it.

    I can't really get to the plugs - they're underneath a tray with lots of wiring harnesses strapped to it underneath the fuel tank. Same with the injectors.

    I might be able to smell unburnt fuel at the exhaust, but there's a lot of Start ya Bastard around and some petrol from having the fuel tank off. I'll let it clear and try again later.
  8. You say the fuel pump runs when you turn the ignition on.....does it continue to run with the ignition on or just run for a short period of time then switch off.

    Reason for asking....with the ignition on but not trying to start the engine, fuel pump should only run for a few seconds ie. the time required to bring the fuel system up to operating pressure....if it continues to run then there is a problem with fuel supply.

    Past that...double check all plugs and conectors etc
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  9. When I turn the bike on it runs for a few seconds like normal, then only runs while I hold the starter button.

    I'll keep trying to figure out how to get to the injectors and spark plugs and then go over every connector tonight.
  10. Make sure you didn't kink the breather hose when you put it all back together.
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  11. This is a common one and is one I would be checking out.
    It started after you worked on it with the bit of fuel left downstream of the kinked fuel line.
    Now it cant get fuel.
    Everything else seems to be doing its thing ( starter, fuel pump, etc) by the sound of it.

    Lift the tank and re-check your work!
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  12. I managed to get into most of the things people have suggested:

    I can't see any kinks in the breather hose, and there doesn't seem to be a vacuum in the tank after I try to start it.
    I am pretty sure I can smell unburnt fuel in the exhaust.
    I got the spark plug cable off and I think only didn't see the spark because I managed to ground it through myself, but I definitely felt spark.
    I can't feel what I'm pretty sure are the injectors clicking, but I can feel a clicking through the fuel line between the pump and injectors.

    If I spray heaps of Start ya Bastard in or give it a bit of throttle while trying to start it I did get what sounded like a detonation, but only one or two.

    Is it possible that I got an air bubble in the fuel line that's preventing the pump from working or just blocking fuel from getting to the injectors? I did later on notice that the manual says to remove the bottom of the fuel line but I removed it at the tank.
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  13. If there isn't anything else anyone can suggest I can check for with basic tools, does anyone know of a mechanic who would come out to look at or pick up the bike around the Western suburbs of Melbourne (Point Cook specifically)?
  14. Well I'm guessing it could have been an air bubble in the line as I finally got it started with quarter or so throttle. It initially stalled when I let it go again but after I kept it at 3000 revs or so for 30 seconds it stayed running at idle.

    I'm never letting that (this) idiot work on my bike again :)
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  15. Glad you seemed to have sorted the issue, give yourself credit for at least having a go at working on your own bike, now go out and enjoy a ride in this beautiful weather:playful:
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  16. Glad you got it sorted - bet you were worried there!
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  17. Yeah, just a little. It's my only transport for work and I already needed to work one day from home because of it.

    It is good to have you guys backing us up though - there's a chance I'd have run out of ideas quite a bit sooner and wouldn't still be persisting when it started to work.
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  18. Full marks to you for working on your bike, and other members for their support to come up with possible solutions!!!!