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cb500f slip ons

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Jane Deaux, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Hey, guys!

    Bought my first bike, cb500f [yay] looking at putting on a slip on ASAP. Not just to look pretty but you obviously just to he seen and heard.

    I have seen/heard samples on YouTube of the:
    Coffman http://coffmansexhaust.com/shop/pro...cb-500f-x-2013-14-shorty-exhaust-color-black/ love the look and sounds quite good

    Tyga Maggot Tyga Performance - .Set, Pipe, Slip On, CBR500, Moto Maggot silencer - Four Stroke Systems

    Does anyone have these/heard them in person?
    Have any other recommendations?

    I really love low frequencies with a nice gravely rumble.

    Please and thank you :)
  2. Fr33dmFr33dm has an ixl on hers, sounds awesome, she might chime in
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  3. Love the ixil sound on the CB400, will look it up now
  4. Hi Jane :happy:,

    I hear you, Honda CB500F/R/X range has awful stock exhaust that sounds like a cheap lawn mower. I wanted to replace mine since day one. Wasn't sure which one until I noticed that two nice gents on here, MudfrogMudfrog and MpfprocessMpfprocess, installed IXIL on their CBR500. I asked few questions and went ahead with getting one for my bike. I'm very happy with it and love the sound. Replaced it myself with minimal tools, super quick and easy. I'd highly recommend it for our bikes, I believe the boys would too. This is my handy work back in April. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask (y)

    What's been done to your bike today?
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  5. Thank you!

    Sounds like a leaf blower >.<

    I have my eye on Honda CB-500 F 2013-2015 IXIL Xtrem Carbon Exhaust I'm pretty sure the CB400 has a similar one, which I have heard many times [music to my ears]

    How long did it take in the post? I'll likely order next week.
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    Last edited: Jun 16, 2016
    Michelin Pilot Road 4 (6). Hi Jane,
    I have a IXIL Hyperlow LX3 in Silver (from Screamin Demon in Perth) fitted to my CBR500R.

    It transformed my bike aurally (sounds very Ducati - ish) and it immediately assisted my riding skills due being able to hear the engine. I now automatically know what gear I am in and when to change up (or down). This may sound odd to the experienced riders out there, but the stock pipe is so quiet, you can hardly tell the bike is running.

    The IXIL, it just sounds more awesome every time I get on the bike, I rode into the City today and back down to Taren Point MCAS before heading home to take delivery of the 'Ice Queen'.

    My little Rhonda is champion of a bike, love riding her. The new bike, very different but just as thrilling. I fitted an Akrapovic pipe to her immediately and just wow...

    Two Brothers pipes sound fantastic as well, but they are twice the price of the IXIL. Enjoy your CBR (F) cheers Fred :)
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  7. Hey Jane, I installed an IXIL exhaust on my CBR500R, and have been happy with the result....sounds heaps better than the stock exhaust, easy to install, and relatively inexpensive. If you decide on an IXIL slip on be aware you will need to use the exhaust gasket from the original muffler (or buy a new one) ... I used the original gasket but found it a bit tricky to remove it without damaging it.
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  8. Very nice, guys! Cheers for the heads up with the gasket, will pick one up just to cover bases.
  9. I bought mine just before Easter, so it took about a week to get to country VIC.

    IXIL Hyperlow LX3 (silver, titanium or matte black) is fantastic sounding exhaust. So many people on here putting it on their bikes says something! MudfrogMudfrog put it down so beautifully :love:

    I didn't know you put one on yours too DaveLDaveL, you've got great taste good sir (y) IXIL club is growing!
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  10. This one takes the cake for me. Gives me Bart Simpson "Ohhhh, baby" feels
  11. I was gonna say Two Brothers but as MudfrogMudfrog said, they are $$$

  12. I will have to look into this as well. Can't hear the bike at all with my earplugs in, even at 8k :'(
  13. Yes guys, looking at getting a slip on exhaust too - something loud enough to have a 'road presence' but not too loud to attract the highway patrol's attention... still recommend the IXIL over the others??
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  14. Hey Andrew WestAndrew West what was that slip on we saw (heard) on that CB500F at the Sydney learner session. Remember we had to check it out... Akrapovic? we both commented how good it sounded.
  15. yup pretty sure that was it ;)
  16. Maybe a cheaper option would be a 6mm drill bit through the baffle!:D
  17. Having a total noob moment here, trying to install my ixil xtrem and I feel like I have a part missing >.< I've taken off the stock pipe and put the new gasket on but I't like I'm missing a part that goes between the slip on and the the gasket. There is no way the xtrem will just slip on as it is. Can't find any vids for the install, just the hyperglow model.

    Edit. Missing a mid pipe, I believe... Wtf.
  18. Maybe you've disconnected the stock one at the wrong spot. Does the mid pipe come off your stock muffler and you can put it on the Ixil?
    Or, is there a section of pipe in the packaging that you overlooked when unpacking the Ixil?
  19. I don't know how you could take the stock one off at the wrong spot >.< and the only thing in the packaging is the slip on and a db killer. I think some people on this thread have had the XTREM put on theirs, I will have to wait and see if they reply to the thread. For the life of me I can't find any instructional vids or directions online for it. However it seems self explanatory, I really feel like I'm missing a part or as you mentioned disconnected the stock incorrectly but I don't see how :(