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cb450, cb350 of new enfield bullet classic efi!?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thomen, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Hi All,
    Looking at getting something classic inspired yet reliable! i know the cb450's and cb350 are older but i love the look of them!

    any hints on tracking them down for sale etc?

    the other bike i was looking at was the new royal enfield bullet classic efi coming out here mid way through this year sometime!

    any thoughts, comments suggestions on tracking down a honda or suggestions would be handy!

    im looking at getting one of these as a daily rider and just wanted to hear from some who may have owned them or would know where to source them etc!

  2. Go the Enfield.

    Both Hondas and Enfield will need much maintenance and money spent, but at least with the Enfield you'll have something quite nice to show for it.

    By the way, I'm assuming you mean the CB350 and CB450 from the late 80s/early 90s that had derivatives of the late 70s CB250/400N motor. If you're talking about the rather spiffing 60s/very early 70s bikes that built the reputation that allowed Honda to get away with selling rubbish a few years later, that's anothe teapot full of eels.
  3. Then go for a Kawasaki W650, Yamaha SR400, or Triumph Bonneville/Thruxton.
    The Royal Enfield's aren't "classic inspired" - they're pretty much exactly the same as they were 50 years ago which means very short service intervals and nowhere near the reliability of the other bikes I mentioned.
  4. Especially the new bullet they'll be releasing. They've been making the old one for 50 years and they still can't assemble them correctly. Royal Enfields are fantastic to own, but the maintenance is a real pain in the arse - even for a gluten for punishment like me.

    Some of their metal casting is terrible. I've heard on good authority that the electra is particularily bad at this - seized pistons, thrown rods and shit like that - with no replacement available in Aus. That's not charming.

    While with the SR400 or W650 you have a bike that is proven to be able to do high k's, very well built, easy to service and both, the 500 in the SR's case, have been brought into Australia and parts are easily accesible. I haven't ridden a W650, but I intend to in time, but they are apparantly great fun bikes. Aesthetically too, I think they have the best looking motorbike engine every built.

    You'd be able to get a stock SR from Deus for around 8 or so, and a W650 for 10500. Well worth it for something that is the bullet, but a whole lot more.
  5. if i could get the w650 i would being on my L's kinda throws a spanner in the works. did they release a smaller capacity racer?
  6. They have a W400 in Japan, but not over here sadly.

    Go the 400, best bike I've ever ridden. :grin:
  7. If you're restricted to learner bikes then maybe add the BMW R60/65 to the list. Not exactly new but buying a cheap one and spending some cash on it should still make for a fairly reliable bike - depends how capable you are with a spanner (BMW mechanics aren't cheap).
    Seems odd the W650 isn't learner approved, but then I notice the SR400 isn't on the NSW list either (even though the SR500 is :?).
  8. Well what do I know? I could've sworn W650 was LAMS approved, but it's not on the list so apparently not!

    Anyway, if I were looking at any of the bikes mentioned here, I'd just get the new CB400. LAMS legal, current, impeccably built and in the same ballpark price-wise, especially compared to W650. W650 is a gorgeous bike, but CB400 is kinda retro as well (because 70's are history by now... fancy that!) yet it is brand new, and fully backed by Honda's network while W650 is brought in second hand and reconditioned by Deus...
    And the performance should be pretty similar.
  9. There are 2nd hand W650s in Australia that were sold here officially.
  10. If you have the cash ready, and are patient there are many triumph Bonneville's that come up in the same price range as the deus sr400 and w650 often in better condition and far less Km's than the imported models. Plus you will have a record of the bikes history. Sorry a bit of a rant! but I cant understand some of the prices paid for these bikes!

    To answer your question, buy the Royal Enfield it looks mighty sexy, just know what you are getting yourself into!
  11. it does look sexy but everyone says they're really only good for the first 10,000ks!

    apart from that yeah a triumph or bmw would be so very hot! i love the look for the w650 but how can deus justify the price!
  12. A BMW can make for a nice project:
  13. its finding one that's the prob!
  14. True. Perhaps try the nearest BMW or Ulysses club and see if anyone might be tempted to sell. Posting a wanted to buy ad might also be worth a go - probably a few old beemers sitting in sheds that people don't really need, but can't really be bothered getting around to selling.
  15. i do love the look of the 60's 70's cbs but i guess they wouldn't be daily riders
  16. Depends on the nature of your daily riding and your attitude to maintenance really. kept garaged, polished every weekend, never dropped and with the oil changed religiously every 2500 km, I see no reason why a nice one wouldn't stand up to a reasonable commute.

    I wouldn't touch anything over 200cc they made after about 1973 or so though.
  17. it would've been awesome if kawasaki had released the w400 here a happy mix of all! great looks great engine!
    if only we were allowed to import!
  18. There's also the CB400SS (a different bike to the CB400 sold here) and, to a lesser extent perhaps, the Suzuki Impulse 400.
    The Japanese really do have a great range of 400cc retro-style bikes available - just a shame none of them are sold here :(.
  19. DON'T get a Royal Enfield! The most fun bike I've ever ridden is a Bullet, but...have a look at the Aussie Royal Enfield forums and NB their honest opinions. We're talking a bike that typically needs an engine rebuild by 10,000km, and we're not talking a simple rebore, we're talking various types of self-destruction! If they were a 100,000km bike, regardless of how regular the servicing, I'd sell my bike and buy one tomorrow...but they're a $2 Shop hand-grenade! http://www.aussieenfields.com/

    In my opinion an SR is a pain in the arse for daily commuting! Get an electric start (or get an SR500 for the weekends, and a $1000 SR250 for the commute). How about one of these - there's a few places that import them http://cgi.ebay.com.au/HONDA-GB400T...3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66:2|65:1|39:1|240:1318