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CB400 vs SV650SU

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Albyno, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. hey guys wondering if anyone has ridden both and can give a non bias opinion as to which is better for what reasons.

    i really want to test ride both but its almost imposible to find any close to me let along any at all.

    does the restricted sv have better acceleration then the CB?
    does it have more power?

    i love the look at both and am atm leaning towards the CB but it is more expensive and i guess i want to know why.
  2. Unfortunately I can't give you input on both sides of the fence, but I am a cb400 owner currently so I can at least tell you why I chose the bike.

    Basically my story is that I had my full license in England, but once I came here as I'd had it less than 3 years I had to go on my Ps for a year. As such I wanted a bike on the faster end of the LAMs scheme.

    I was looking at CB400s, RVF400s, Monster 400s and GSX400s. I was initially going to try out some of the restricted LAMs bikes but decided not to, with the reasoning being that if you can't rev a bike properly then you miss a lot of the experience. Although I didn't have much to base it on other than comments in here, I also figured that sometimes you just need accelation on a bike to get you out of trouble so when you give it some wrist you want it to move. I would assume the restricted big LAMs bikes would fall short in this department compared to the CB400.

    In the end I test rode all of the bikes except the GSX400, they were hard to find and the weight put me off. I initially tried out an old grey import cb400 and wasn't particularly impressed, but once I jumped on my 08 Aussie model it was a completely different story. The engine revs really freely and sweetly and it's got plenty of poke, as much if not more than the RVF400s I rode just because it was newer basically.

    I liked the look and idea of the RVF but went for the CB400 because it was just as quick, it didn't have a choke, had nice clocks (electronic fuel guage is so much better than a reservce) and it would start every morning. I seriousl didn't regret my choice, as I got to know it and got more confident it got better and better.

    The only bad thing I could say about the bike is that it doesn't exactly hold true mid corner over bumps (it's a bit wallowy), which is probably due to the rear suspension. It's not a bike that inspires you to really push it on the twisties, but I consider that a good trait on a learner bike. Despite that I don't want you to get the impression that it handles badly, because it doesn't in general.

    Hopefully an SV650Lams owner can come in here and make his counter points!
  3. I am a CB400 owner as well. I looked at all the bigger lams bike with restricters on them and was out off by the fact that with a lot of them, most probably, you can't remove the restricters once you're on your full license. I wanted a bike that I could keep for a while, after my p's. Didn't like the idea of having a bike with it's balls cut off without the option of re-attaching said balls. I went for the CB coz it's a whole bike, not half of one.

    Restricters suck.

    But the sv does look nice
  4. i love the look of the SV naked dont like the SV650SU bikini at all.

    also love the CB400 looks. thanks guys hoping for a sv review soon or someone who has ridden both.

    at the moment it looks like i will be buying a CB with out even a test ride (going off reviews) cos i cant find one to ride anywhere.
  5. I would recommend a test ride. If you're buying new and a dealer can't provide a demo, they won't get my business. If buying used and some bike nazi won't let me ride a bike I could potentially buy he won't get my business either. I walked away from a Kawasaki er6n coz this douche wouldn't let me ride it
  6. I tested an SV a few days after test riding a CB400. But, i'm in W.A. and the bikes I was test riding where all un restricted. I ended up buying the ER-6n.

    SV has a forward riding position compared to the CB. On the CB your sitting up right where as on the SV your leaning forward similar to a Gixxer/R1/Blade/Ninja. The other big difference is the vibration thru the bike. SV is a V twin so there is a lot of vibration going thru the bike (by comparision). The CB's inline 4 is silky smooth, no vibration what so ever.

    handling, the CB400 is very nuetral to tip in and corner, it's very noob friendly. it gets a bit flustered when you push it and if anything its a bit of fun to feel it squirming out of a corner.
    The SV needs a bit of muscle work to tip in though once its leaned over its a lot better tracking thru the corners. I have no doubt that with a experienced rider, an SV would out corner the CB400, but the trade off is I'd hate to be on the SV for an hour or so, the CB400 is a lot more comfortable to ride.

    I can't compare to a restricted Lams bike, ive never ridden one. But the CB400 loves to rev and it's surprisingly pokey. I was very surprise at how well it went. You could putt around down nice and docile by keeping the tacho needle under 6 kay, but wind it over that and it bogeyed far better than I thought a 400cc would.
    It revs a bit at speed, just under 7,000 rpm @ 100kmh but it doesn't feel like its straining like a 250cc at the same revs.

    At the end of the day I nearly bought one with an open license i was that impressed with the bike. I loved the look of it and its easy and comfortable to ride and the only thing that stopped me was the lack of any luggage fitments. Pretty much all the 600's you can fit a ventura or top box on the back but the CB400 needs modifying which is where the ER-6n won out for me. Similar comfortable riding position to the CB400, similar seat height and handling, top box options, the extra go from the bigger donk was the icing on the cake.
  7. All the dealers say the same thing though. we dont have a demo we only demo second hand bikes and we cant get a second hand cb400.

    i would buy a second hand if i could find one but they just arnt out there.
  8. I wonder what they'd say if you went in with the money to buy a bike, but said "I'm not paying for it until I ridden it".

    I know one dealer that lost more than one sale because they wouldn't prepare a bike for a road test.
  9. Yeah I agree. Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive? Why is it different for bikes? You have to be prepared and ready to buy tho. If you have the cash ready try should find you a bike to test
  10. yea i know i can see both sides tho. and i would prefer to buy second hand so will keep waiting (hopefully not long) for one to ride and hopefully buy.

    altho with end of year around the corner and dealers gettin stuck with old plated bikes maybe they will smarten up. i know of 2 dealers with 2010 plated cb400s and even they wont drop the price or test them. its crazy i need something this week but if i have to i can wait.