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CB400 vs GSX650 vs FZ6R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by siamak, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    Would appreciate some of your feedback regarding these bikes.

    I recently moved to NSW and am living in the inner city.

    6" 88kg. Looking for a bike that will be fun and quick for weekend and night rides, and rides up and down the east coast.

    I realise that these bikes might not be directly comparable, however would still love to hear your thoughts and or other suggestions.
  2. The CB400 seems quite small to me, I'm 6'3" and have the faired GSX650F which seems a good size. I haven't tried the FZ6R.
  3. get a R1.....get two of them...for when you bin the first one.
  4. Thanks pal.
  5. ;) anytime sugarplum.
  6. Where is that ratus fella who use to talk like that
  7. MIA like a lot of the more entertaining folk
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  8. In case it wasn't clear - it has to be LAMS approved.
  9. You just got married, no? Shouldn't you be MIA too..? :)

    OK enough hijack.. Sorry OP
  10. Siamak you are new here, it is a huge forum and everyone is helpful in their own way as well as taking the piss. 87 crisis was making more or less a bit of a regular netrider joke, albeit to a noob who doesn't get it. Best you lighten up a bit and get the feel of the place.
    Also it is common courtesy to go to the welcome pages and introduce yourself first, you will find people more accommodating then.
  11. HAHAHA ....leaving on the goonies run in the morning for 3 days...so naaaaaaaa.....none of that for awhile !
  12. ahhh smee is right....if the original poster is butthurt about my being a wanker i'll contently apologize.
  13. You live in the "inner city" ..then get a light bike ,so you can zip in and out of traffic.
    I had a GSX650F and while its a awesome bike ,I think its to big for a first bike.
    Having said that if you lived in the country and ride open hwy ways alot it would be my bike or choice over the 3.
    I'd look at the FZ6R for your size ...location ..,and ride around the city at night and to get down the coast on the weekends...it will do it all from the people i've talked to and reviews I've read.
  14. CB400 is great quality (then again - most Jap bikes are all quality these days).
    Sturdy on the road, tyres stick firmly on the road. As mentioned earlier, it's not exactly your full sized naked bike so you may find it small according to your height and weight. It's a great weekend tourer too.

    A GS500F would be a good option too.
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys. Will head over to the dealerships on Sunday to ride all 3. Would still love more input!
  16. The versys 650 has a "L" model which is restricted. Nice and tall but still has a short wheel base so shouldn't feel too big in traffic. With abs about $7k second hand (from a dealer, listed price). I'm currently thinking about getting an unrestricted one (haven't got around to test rides yet).
  17. :LOL: You sure you didn't mean 6' ??

    On the topic, I'm about the same dimesnions as the OP (181cm ~85kg) and have no issues with my CB, comfort or otherwise.
  18. You could try something not many have tried... 650NK.
  19. @simak
    + 1 for the GS500F I'd consider it if I was you, comparing to the FZ6R the GS had more mumbo IMO even for the carby v fuel injection Yamaha just cut it back the power too far. The GSX650 is really stable but smaller riders like yourself have found it a bit heavy. Can't comment on the CB400. Another to consider is the new Kwaka 300, I hear good things.
  20. get the bike that I've got --> its the best...

    Nah seriously the 3 u have shortlisted look good. Ride'em all and pick ur favourite.