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CB400 v Ninja250 v VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fishnchix, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Hey guys im obviously pretty new to the forum, and motorbikes in general. I'm applying for my license soon and as i live in QLD i need to abide by the LAM rules. I was wanting to get a few reviews on these three bikes. I know they are probably the most common bikes on the market, the Jazz of the 2 wheeled world, so im hoping a few of you have ridden all three.

    I am 6'-6'1, and i weigh approximately 80Kg, but a lot of that height is in leg length.

    I prefer the naked look, but Ninja's seem to have a more reliable resale value, but depending on market supply and demand i know this could change. Also because i'm a student i want to be getting some bang for my buck, so basically more power for less money haha.

    More importantly i am worried about the bikes 'go'. As i have no experience on bikes i obviously shouldnt start with a Monster, but on that note i'm getting the bike for a bit of grunt, which my car doesnt offer, and i dont want to start on a bike that im comfortable with, and then within 2 weeks feel like im driving a lawnmower.

    I appreciate your time, and i hope im not re-asking a question that someone has already asked, i tried to scan through most articles before posting this.

  2. Just looking at your criteria. The CB400 wins hands down. End of thread...

    The CB400 is quite a bit more expensive than the others but they are a fantastic bike in every sense. Pretty comfortable. A sporty classic styled and reliable bike that is easy to ride and learn on. Fun enough you'll look forward to riding it at every chance. Quite torquey for every day riding then when you want to rev it it goes hard. You can go as soft or hard as you please. It's not a vicious animal that only likes doing one or the other.

    My advice. Find a CB400 that is 1 - 2 years old that has already taken the hardest of it's resale hit. And go with it.
  3. ^^^ what he said. Also the CB400 really does hold its value well from what I can tell. They all seem to go for $7-8K second hand.
  4. what they both said... ^^
    but also, go sit on a few... see what you feel comftable with as well.
  5. yeah cb400 if u can afford it,
    if not the vtr,

    i mean 7-8k vs 3k for my vtr is a big price difference. value for money the vtr is great, save the rest for your next bike
  6. im 6'4 100kg and i still have shitloads of fun on my vtr250 after 2 years
    looking forward to upgrading soon though
  7. CB400, GS500 or GSF500 (the same as a GS500 but with fairing)

    Your best options by far and brilliant bikes that are perfect for city riding and will last quite a while before you can push them to their limits.
  8. Hey dan, you must look as funny as me on my vtr250...
    Looked at myself while riding in a reflective window the other day and pissed myself laughing (im pretty tall, the vtr isn't a miniature bike but I make it look like a scooter).

    Great bike, but I pulling my hair out waiting to get a bigger bike that will fit me a bit nicer.
    If it was a ninja or something without the torquey 'bust open the throttle and let me sing at 7000' little v-twin I would have been over it even sooner, but that little engine continues to surprise me (and bigger bike riders) with just how much power you can get out of it once you know its sweet spots.
  9. And there is nothing quite like pushing a bike to its limits and mastering it, you can have heaps more fun and feel like your going much faster then you are when your on the ragged edge at 100 around the twisties compare to cruising through at 150 without even exploring the potential of a bigger bike.
  10. If you want a faired bike I wouldn't go with the CB or VTR. F2rk. Did I say that out loud?

    Of those three the CB is going to give you more to play with as you riding skills improve. But all three are great learner bikes. And as pointed out, the GS500 is another good one which you possibly should consider.

    Not sure if you want ABS (there are mixed views in Netrider as to it's value) but think that of the three the CB is othe only one offering it.

    Sit on them. One will talk to you.
  11. i started on the vtr, fun bike, wont have a hiccup getting you to 100. will struggle past 130 but i am 95- 100 kilo all geared up.

    If it is commuting, and the odd blast on the hills, the vtr is fine, only on long straights did i feel wanting more for over taking

    The hard choice, is $$$, 3 to 4 vs 7 to 8. The differance goes to nice deposit on the 2nd bike which you will get after a year, or even better, is lessons.
  12. yeah my mates give me shit about it saying i look like im on a peewee 50 and need to get a harley lol

    my next bikes gonna be a gsxr750 so hopefully it fits me a bit better haha
  13. I learnt on a VTR.....perfect learner bike

    For the money I would say get a VTR, yes not as "nice" as a CB400 - but lets face it, the second you can upgrade - you will. The initial price of a VTR vs the CB should definitely weigh in.....'nough said?
  14. I own a CB400 and i'm loving it.

    I had the same dilemma as yourself, tossing between the two (well you have 3 to choose from).

    I preferred naked, so Ninja was out. Then it was down to the VTR or CB. I went into a shop or two and sat on them, both were comfy.

    What made me decide to get the CB in the end is because it is still a great bike even after i get off restricted license. The feeling is great on one and i would have probably got sick of the VTR after a few months, mainly because i wanted a bit more power. The CB doesnt lack any of that and i'm very happy i did go with the CB, because if i went with the VTR, i'd be looking at spending more money on getting a non-restricted bike.

    As I use it mainly for commuting and the odd Saturday ride on the twisties, the CB is great.

    If money is not that much of an issue for you, i'd recommend the CB over VTR.
    P.s - i have nothing against VTR's.
  15. I'd take the 400, IMO the best learner bike out there. Decent handling, good brakes, beautiful smooth motor if you can stretch the dollars its the pick of the bunch.
  16. RVF400 problem solved (this bike seems to get no attention on here)
  17. At your height maybe the CB400! I'm 5'10 and already feel the VTR250 is a tad small.

    It's a great learner bike however, so much fun in the twisties and plenty of torque above 3K. Only been riding for a few months but already itching to upgrade. If your budget allows for the CB400, it might be the way to go.

    But as the others have already pointed out, test drive them all if you can. what works for one rider may not for another.
  18. im 6'4 and manage to cram onto it so noone else should be complaining! :p
  19. Haha hey Dan, can I get an picture of what a 6 foot + person looks like on a VTR? :p
    I'm 6'1 about 85kg.

    I'm planning on checking one out very soon and I'd love an indication of how small they really are.
    Fantastic looking naked bike regardless!
  20. It doesn't feel that small when your riding it, and it isn't a tiny bike, but if your a bigger guy you make it look small. :)