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CB400 Super Bol D'or

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by phat_dogg, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I have sold my cbf250 and am looking for something a little nicer to ride. I only just got my P's 2 months ago and am under 25 so will be keeping the bike for a while. I have heard so many good things about the cb400 and whilst researching them i discovered a faired version called the super bol d'or which we do not get here. My question is has anyone done a front conversion to make like the faired variant? Could i import one from japan or would it be better to buy a local bike and just put on the fairings and headlight etc.

    The bike is like this one:

    I have however heard so many horror stories from sumoto so im not too keen on this particular one and am not sure if it is actually a 2009 model.

    Advice will be much appreciated :)

  2. Personally I'd steer clear as well, as I've heard some dodgy things about them. Dishonouring warranties, poor aftermarket service, hidden charges etc.

    I would just get a new CB400 and put on an aftermarket windscreen, as it'll provide the same sort of protection that the bikini fairing will, and only cost about $150. You also won't have to mess around with the headlight and dash.

    Cheers - boingk
  3. That price is unregistered.

    Why do they have a 2009 model bike with 6000kms on it, unregistered?

    I'll tell you why.

    Because it's likely a write off from Queensland, canceled the rego so you can't do a check, and upon re-registering in NSW, the two states don't compare records.

    Sumoto has a BAD, BAD reputation and for GOOD REASON.

    Similar thing happened to a friend, purchased a VFR, was told everything is checked, etc. and it's great. Rides for a month, goes to get it serviced, what do you know? As soon as the fairings were off, it's evident the engine mount is completely cracked, and the engine bears the weight of the bike - in that condition, it would have been a stat-write off.

    For this to happen the bike would have been down HARD and new fairings would have been bolted on.

    Luckily he got his cash back, in cash.
  4. Yep i've read all about Sumoto that's why i said i'm not keen on the bike in my link. It's just an example of what i'm looking for. And i want the front fairing more so for the looks rather than protection. So does anyone know anything about the super bol d'or?
  5. Hi phat_dogg,

    There is some discussion about cb400 bol d'or in this thread

    To convert a standard cb400 in to a bol d'or you will need to order the part from this site
  6. Thanks mate, i don't see the fairing for the super bol d'or on that site though. I did read in the thread however that'll cost me about $2000. Would importing the bike from Japan be a better option or would it be better to have an australian delivered one and buy the parts?
  7. Christ... for $2000 you could get any manner of fairing. $2000 for factory parts that only do as much as a $150 windshield is pure extortion.

    I would be looking at aftermarket conversions, as there are some trick things getting around. laminarlip.com offer a few good screens, check them out.

    Cheers - boingk
  8. I was in Metro Motorcycles in Ringwood today & could almost swear I saw one of these, it was near their front door, I glanced at it as I left, didn't occur to me until later what it might have been.

    Possibly worth giving them a call http://www.metrohonda.com.au/
  9. If the one at Metro is white/red I think it's actually a CB1300.

  10. While I agree with you It's not as simple as just putting on a screen. the bol d'ot looks worlds worlds apart from cb400.

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  11. That would be the cb1300 as no bol d'or models have made it across here apart from imports.
  12. I've also noticed that bike sumoto is selling on bikesales and inquired about it. It is a genuine 2009 cb400 bol dor. I've read of many bad things about sumoto on the net but most of them are about cbr250rrs that are being sold as late 2000s models when they are actually early 90s. Also the bikes having extremely high kms and damage under the tyga kits. Now these cb400 bol dors are genuinely 1 or 2 years old with factory fairings and nothing replaced. Would it be safe to still buy this kind of bike from them?
  13. Ahh ok it wasen't what I thought, in hindsight it was a little bigger than I would have expected a faired cb400 to be, but as I said I only glanced at it..

    Soz for the possibly short lived false hope :-(
  14. So nobody has had any experience with the newer bikes from Sumoto?
  15. Experience no, but I would not surprise me if the bike was written of/ crashed before, and has just had the cosmetics repaired... I would never touch one of their bikes.
  16. Have a chat to the guys down at International Motorcycle Importers, they're out in Ferntree Gully. They ought to be able to source you a good one on request and they won't stuff you around or take you for a ride, at least they never did for me. I bought my SR through them and found them nothing but straight up.

    Ask for Danny.
  17. Why dont you get some mob to do a pre purchase inspection
  18. Honda should be ashamed if theyve used the Bol D'or name in this way. No reflection on the bike itself but why does Honda have to whore out its whole heritage?