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CB400 Revo Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Twixx, Jun 17, 2014.

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    Ok guys,

    Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Corey, started riding just over a year ago when i got a Ninja 300. Sadly, that got stolen a few months ago. So after a few months of trying to decide what to get, i decided on a 2009 CB400 non-abs.

    So, to the point of this thread. I'm one of those guys who is never happy with stock. I have some plans for the CB but I will need a bit of assistance/wisdom.

    As I started researching parts I noticed the market for mods is limited, though I'm sure there will be plenty of parts that would be compatible from other models. Any help would be very much appreciated.

    The bike:
    2009 Honda CB400 Revo non-abs. Yellow (for now). 20,000ish ks.

    The plan:
    Respray in Dark Metallic Grey
    Slip on exhaust - GPR
    Clip ons
    Rear sets
    Shorty Levers
    Rear suspension springs

    So I'm planning on transforming the cb from a tourer/commuter to a sporty commuter. I'm set on the slip on, it's pretty much just everything else I'm not sure about.
    If anyone can point me in the right direction for the other bits I listed that would be great.
  2. Webike is a good source for parts, Ive bought a big bore kit, engine guard and tail light for my 800 on there, had the guard and light within a week, the bore kit a bit longer because it went on back order for a few days. No complaints. Others have had communication problems and long back order times though.


    Done any work like this before?
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  3. Not yet, this will be my project bike as well as my daily. So it will be baby steps but I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty.

    Is there any good info as to parts compatibility with other bikes? I'm under the impression levers for a Honda CB599/600 will fit the Revo.
  4. Posting here to subscribe. Looking forward to seeing any pictures/progress. :) Love the CB400.
  5. Looking at your list, the clip ons and cable rerouteing will probably be the most difficult part of the work, could be done while the painting is been done though. What are you doing with the lights?

    Haven't a clue about the levers sorry, have you looked at the cb400 thread in the bike review part of the forum?
  6. I'm sure if need be I can get some new cables/lines.

    I'm planning on getting either the dominator or dominator 2.0 twin headlights. I prefer the original dominators but I'd prefer projectors/hids. I've been stalking one of the streetfighter forums for info on the lights.

    I need to look over the cb400 mods thread, I'm sure I missed some necessary info there.
  7. So the cb was delivered a couple of days ago. So far absolutely loving it. Now it's time to start modding =D
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    First minor mod done, swapped led tacho/speedo lights to blue leds. Will upload a pic soon.

    Time for pics.

    This is my bike as it sits.


    And this is my lighting upgrade (stock left, led right)

  9. Awesome upgrade on the lights Twixx, would you mind sharing how you upgraded the lights to LED. I have a CB400 as well (2008) and wanted to look at getting brighter tacho globes as well.


    PS: Any other upgrades done on the bike so far?
  10. Can't wait to see the result! Levers for VTR250 CB900 hornet will fit, I got ASV ones for the hornet on mine. Non ABS is more widely available as thethe ABS version has a different brake lever. Foot pegs will be generic Honda, rear sets will need to be a CB400 one. Check out Unique Motorsports in Singapore, they can source anything at all as not everything is on their website, fast response and good service. I got a belly pan from them and planning on a rear hugger next time I am in Singapore. Heaps of other stuff. Singapore bikes forum has many many CB400 stuff as it is a very popular bike in Singapore! Good luck :)
  11. I'm about to replace my Tach lights on my 97 CB400 aswell!
    Got a Yellow/Orange T10 LED Bulb on ebay for about 4 dollars, if I don't like the colour I'll do it all in red.
  12. I'm about to get a cb400 too, I'd love to change my lights like you've done. Was it hard? How did you do it?

    Cheers :)
  13. any news regarding the modifications ? I've already ordered lots of aftermarket parts myself to customize my 2012 cb400 abs model
  14. ArnasArnas this post is pretty much dead, the OP was last on July last year..

    Make a new topic for your bike mods, or continue posting in the CB400 thread, would be interested to see what you end up doing!

  15. As soon as I get all items shipped (some will take up to 21 days to arrive) I'll start posting pictures!
  16. Wow I've been lazy. Quick update.
    I've gotten a couple of things done, but nowhere near where I want the bike to be, gotta love having other expenses... :(
    I got the levers and clip ons done. The levers are fantastic chinese adjustable/foldable, only set me back about $40-50 if I recall.
    The clip ons, however, will be replaced as soon as I can for a couple of reasons. I got clip ons that were angle adjustable as I knew clearance would be an issue so I could get the best position. DON'T GET ANGLE ADJUSTABLE CLIP ONS! Unless you want one of your bars to randomly drop mid corner. I currently have these POS's mounted under the triple tree but once I get some solid clip ons I will raise the forks and mount above. Although my bar drop fiasco was nearly a year ago with no issues after a F-Load of Loctite and super heavy duty glue, I still can't completely trust these bars and have been tossing up between a better set of clip ons or drag bars. I love the positioning of clip ons so they win.

    Sorry for being super slack with updates but life can be like that. Yay for babies! I'll try to get another couple of pics up of the bike soon.

    Will hopefully start getting back on track with a few bits & pieces shortly.
  17. Hi mate, sorry ffor the late reply. The tach lights are pretty simple. Just unbolt the headlight mount so you can get to the two screws under the dash housing. Once you unscrew those just pop off the rear housing and replace the 2 globes with t10 leds.
  18. Adding to my ever so slowly growing list of mods. I've gotten some bar end mirrors. Loving how the overall profile of the bike has dropped. Not a bad upgrade for $25 (eBay) and waiting for my windscreen from eBay too.

    IMAG2618. IMAG2619.