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CB400 Questions

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by yum, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. I have some questions on the CB400 if anyone can help. I looked at a 2006 model today and a couple of things felt weird. Are there any gotchas to look out for with this model? I have only ridden VTR's and Spada's so I'm not too sure...

    1) When I clicked in into 1st it was a very physical jump forward, it's reving a little over 2k while idling? Wat could be wrong? I know a little jump is normal (ish) but this was a bit more than that.
    2) Dumb dumb question... I could too easily find neutral shifting down from second... is this normal?
    3) Are there any known brake issues? The back brake felt very very tight. I know I can loosen and adjust it but is there a known issue?

    Thanks in adavance.
  2. The current version was first released in 2008. A 2006 version would be a grey import and maybe not from 2006 at all. There's a few dodgy ones around. Can you get a pic?

    They do idle quite high when first started up, then that settles down to about 1400-1500 rpm if memory serves.

    Yes easy to find neutral. That's a good thing.

    There was a recall on the rear brake - need to be adjusted/fixed as it was prone to not light up the brake light in certain circumstances. If its a 2008/2009 model check that it has had this work done (should be free from any Honda service centre).
  3. Hey Thanks Brmmm, This is really helpful! Yes, it definately an import, according to the dealer. It has a fuel light which is really cute. Cant get a photo without posting the dealers photo. How else could I pick what year it really is?
  4. You may find the gear shifting a bit "clunky", at least I did when I first got the bike, however engaging the gear slightly before the clutch eliviates the "clunk".

    Yes pre 2008 is a grey import, that said it should idle at 1.4k rpm as per the manual.

    They're great bikes, hope you got a good one.
  5. Thanks for the shifting tip Varsis. I'll give it s go when I test ride it.

    Um, dumb question though, what do you mean by...1.4?

  6. Sorry about that, auto complete fail on the phone, I fixed up the post.
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  7. thanks! i thought you were just reaaly smart (dont know you so smarter than you already are?) and there was a phantom bike thing.... i would have gone with it if i was you :-*
  8. 2006? Is that still the Vtec3 Revo model? Or the Vtec 2?
  9. I don't think VTEC 3 spec was introduced until 2007.
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