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cb400 parts...how long do i have to wait?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robocon, May 23, 2012.

  1. i have a 2011 cb 400.it had a minor accident on 9 january 2012 and reguire to replace the front guard and tail crowl, since then i been wait and wait for the parts .it been over 4 months now and my bike is still in the dealer shop waiting for parts. is it normal for a honda parts? does anybody in netrider have the same problem? to me this is just unacceptable .

  2. Honda are generally one of the best and most responsive companies to deal with as far as parts availability, delivery (and pricing) goes.
    Are you dealing with a genuine Honda dealer?
  3. responsive company??i even called up honda australia cuctomers relation department twice and e-mail them once without result. the only answer they give me is "i don't know".the lady who answer my call don't even bother to make an effort to help to find out. honda call it customers relation department is really a joke.
  4. As an ex-employee of Honda I find that hard to believe. The guys on the desk can look at stock levels in Australia and in Japan at the click of a mouse and even if there is no stock in Aus they will have a delivery date in the system for these parts from Japan as long as the dealership has placed the order.
  5. all i ask and wanted to know is when is the parts be available, instead of the anguish of not knowing when
  6. only after i e-mail honda japan,the guy from japan reply me saying the parts will be deliver on may 14, and now is may 23, i called up my dealer sydney action motor yesterday, they say they received only one parts so far, that's mean the waiting keep going
  7. is sydney action motorcycle a genuine honda dealer?
  8. e2w,you are right,but provided they are willing to make a little effort to help is another matter.i only got the date of delivery after i e mail honda japan,but i am still waiting cos' only 1 part arrived so far.
  9. Wow really? I ordered the same parts through New World Honda and got them in three days
  10. Oh, so you bought it from Action Motorcycles.

    ...Good luck!