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CB400 Overheating in traffic - safe temperature

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Adsa, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Hey guys

    Im new to this forum and got my first bike the other week. Its a 1992 Honda CB400 SuperFour and shes awesome :) Its done 120 on the clock but its in very good nic for an older bike and runs great. The only prob ive come across is that it goes get a little hot in traffic, and im wondering what temp is tooo hot (pull over and let her cool). and what steps i can take to keep her cool while in traffic.

    Im pretty sure its mostly air cooled, as when i take off and start moving it cools down quickly and its fine (below 1/4 on the gauge). But when im stuck in traffic the temp gets to half and starts to slowly climb. Though every time its got up above half way traffic seems to push and i get on the road again and it cools down. Though im wondering if im stuck in traffic for extended periods of time in hot weather theres a good chance the temp gauge could get up around the 3/4+ mark. There is a red mark on the temp and its very high and it hasnt got near it _yet_, so im assuming this could be normal? and the bike just runs rather hot?

    So is this normal for an older bike to climb in temperature like it does in traffic? is there anything i can do to keep the temperature lower?
  2. The air passing thru the radiator as you move provides cooling for the coolant. There is usually a fan which cuts in right near that danger zone.

    The gauge shows that the system is working, since it hasn't gone into the red zone.

    Relax and enjoy.


    Trevor G
  3. +1 on a hot day any one of my bikes can sit just below the redline in traffic but will not go over it as long as the fan is working and im not reving much when i start moving to take of
  4. all sounds normal to me!