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Cb400 need help with oil changing

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by revo400QLD, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Cb400 revo and shell 15W-40 need help with oil change*
    Hi everyone, I just need to change the oil on my cb400. I got a spare 4L of shell 15W-40 which is use for my car. Is it ok to feed my cb400 with this. Another alternative is motul 5100 10W- 50 is on sale for $55. I got a friend who try shell 15W-40 on and said it is a bit rough than normal. Not really smooth when u speed around 100km on freeway. And louder than normal. Manual on the bike said about 3.9L of oil for Honda cb400 revo 2010. Do we have to minus a bit due to the ok one still in a bike.

    Thanks for reading as Iforgot to mention, I am a newbie with limited experience...
  2. Hi Revo400QLD

    You'll find plenty about engine oil for bikes on these forums but generally you'll find you shouldn't use car engine oil as they contain friction modifiers, which in turn adversely affects your clutch operation. Be safe, use approved motorcycle specific oil. Your manual specifies 10W 30, some say 10W 40 won't do any harm (choose at your own risk!). I think you'll find the sump capacity is 3.0L without, and 3.2L if, changing the filter at the same time. 3.9L is WAY too much.

    Incidentally, do you have the owner's manual? If not, a PDF copy is fairly easy to find - although it's a 2008 version - via your favourite search engine.
  3. Don't change the oil according to volume - make sure you fill according to the oil window. After you start the bike up, you need to top it up again if I recall. Refer to the manual, its pretty straight forward. Good on you for changing the oil yourself, but what about the warranty? (Mine's out of warranty so not an issue for me)
  4. Of course! I meant and implied this when I was referring to maximum capacities as per the owner's manual; I should've been clearer the first time.