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CB400 Full Exhaust Systems.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Buu hoo, May 8, 2013.

  1. I am looking at buying a CB400 within the next month and I was wondering if any CB400 owners or people who know exhausts, could link or refer me to any manufacturers who supply a full exhaust system for a 2013 CB400 SF. I have been searching through arrow, yoshi, leo vince, akra, and staintune and only seem to be able to find slip-on cans. As I am looking for the power increase and weight reduction as well as the sweet note I would like to weigh up my options with full systems. Thanks.

  2. I'm guessing akra do full systems because this video exists

  3. Yeah I saw that video too but after looking into the Akra site there was nothing that came up under cb400, maybe that pipe is off another bike I'm not sure?
  4. The power increase is really going to be negligible for the dollars you'd be spending.
    Get the end can, sure, but do you really need the 'full' system?
  5. Yeah well I haven't ridden one with a full system to have anything to compare it to so you could be right, but overall I feel if i end up doing a few modifications to the bike in the end every kilo i can shave off it and kw I can gain counts. Not to say I want to strip it to a race bike or anything, I just find lams bikes a little underpowered.
  6. I have a Mate who rides his CB400 in the twisties and is more than capable of keeping up with most sport bike riders.
    The power's enough to give you a reasonable chance of keeping your licence (although he didn't!). If you want grunt get an ER6 nl and unscrew the restrictor.
    Seriously, you'd be gaining a couple of bhp MAX - you wont even notice. Go for the sound you like, you'd be far happier.
  7. Yeah fair enough, I wasn't too sure about the exact HP gains. I had a 2012 Ninja 650L previously but wasn't into the lawnmover sound restricted paralel twin, (and unfortunately lost my licence on it!), and I wasn't game enough to get it de-restricted due to any insurance problems should I of hit someone. Should I not get a full system a staintune slip on will definitely be the go I think.
  8. You know it makes sense ;)
  9. Just got linked to the 'Moriwaki' website (can't link because I'm new to the forum supposedly) where I found what looks to be full systems.
    They look great but it is a japanese site and a bit confusing. So I'd have to find an Australian dealer that sells them or figure out shipping etc. And after converting the Jap prices they have on them supposedly 138,000 JPY is about $1376!
  10. The Staintune on mine sounds fantastic, I have the baffle out. i believe it is also somewhat lighter than the original.
  11. I have a CB and like above, I have the BlueFlame slip on:

    Tbh , not really worth in forking so much $$$ for a little HP gain. Realistically, difference would be unnoticeable. Not to bag out any LAMs riders but it's simply not worth it. I have mates who are on unrestricted licenses that ride CB400s and they say it's better to invest on suspension and tyre setup if you want to make the most out of the bike. I really only bought the slip on for noise increase.

    Don't forget that you may need a power commander to compliment the ECU for tuning.
  12. Thanks for the feed back guys, the general consensus seems to be go for the slip on so I may just take the advise. Yeah lemon suspension and power commander are on the cards too but unlike full systems they seem to be easier to find haha. Thanks again for the advise and you both have some nice machines there.
  13. And thanks for that site link Stazza looks full of things I will be adding to the wish list ;)
  14. You are putting a power commander on a CB400?

    Dude, besides a slip on, don't bother with any restricted bike.... save your money for when you upgrade
  15. Well the problem is that I have to stay on my p's until 2016 due to a 9 month disqualification in-between. So I am trying to get the best out of what little choice in bike I have. But your probably right, even with bits and pieces it's still going to be slower than most bikes so I should probably save the cash.
  16. holy crap 2016...
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  17. Yeeeeeep...
  18. Got my red P's September 21st then lost them for 9 months on september 23rd. Got my car licence back after 6 months because I'm on my opens but lost my bike for another 3 because of a demerit point suspension on my P's. Get them back 24th of July then have to have them till June 24 next year when I can get my greens. Ironic that I work at the RTA too..
  19. Buu f@$ken hoo. Geez us that's a long time to wait man.
    Do what makes ya happy I say.
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