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CB400 Fuel Pump

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Jayce87, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. So bike has been playing up for a few weeks booked her into a mechanic last week and dropped her off on Monday.
    I called the shop today for an update and he said the fuel pumps "shagged" and asked if I was seated before telling me Honda wants $750 to replace. He then went on to say the fuel pump can be fixed for $375 including labour but I will probably not get the bike back this week, but does this number sound right?

  2. what exactly is wrong with fuel pump did you ask ??

    what parts cost so much if he can fix it?
  3. honda will want to sell you a brand new complete pump assembly.

    but you will be able to buy replacement parts to repair your current pump.
  4. He said honda will only sell the full pump including hoses etc. I didnt ask what part of the pump.
  5. Could try a wrecker?? Pump price sounds about right, unfortunately.
  6. It is common for manufacturers to only sell a complete assembly. That's pretty high though.

    EBAY has aftermarket pumps for $50 Labour would be another couple of hundred so if the $375 is with labour it may be about right.
  7. Wow mate that sucks balls.
    I know with Suzuki you can buy a complete pump assembly and seperate parts !
  8. From your other "sick CB400" thread, a pic of the 2011 model under-tank.
    Rotate the black rubber thingy to allow the clip to compress and hose to be removed.

    This is the one I fitted, cheaper now at $40!! Postage was quick and was fairly easy to do. I used only the pump you see in the picture.

    New OEM Replace Fuel Pump for Honda CBR600RR 2001-2006

    Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more details.
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  9. Will that fit a 2009 cb400? Because I did ebay search yesterday, and it doesnt say it fits a 2009 or a CB400 couldnt even come up with a part number.
  10. I can't be certain it will fit your model Jayce87Jayce87, I made sure by first removing the pump and comparing it to the advertised one. I don't recall seeing one actually advertised as fitting the Cb400. Are you able to remove yours first to check?
  11. If I was you and your not wanting to buy new .
    I would buy one from a wrecker!
  12. There will be plenty of trashed cb400's around oz with a good fuel pump!