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CB400 Fly Screen

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by NotHisRealName, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. There seems to be a couple of fellow CB400 riders here, and I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has a genuine Honda CB400 fly screen fitted?

    I'm thinking about getting one for (slight) improvement in aerodynamics/economy, wind deflection, and personalisation, but I'm not 100% sure what the bile looks like with one attached.

    Does anyone have any pictures of their bike with the screen fitted, and can help me out?
  2. I believe the genuine screen + fitting costs between $350 - 400.

    If you want aftermarket read below.

    I've been looking in to this and have been recommended a mob in WA called eagle screens. However I will get it until after I get my moriwaki exhaust for my cb400.


    Below is an email they sent me:

    The H-90 is to fit to existing Honda Brackets which we don't supply.

    We have 2 other Naked Bike screens that fit most round headlight models including yours:-
    NB-01 for $160 and NB-06 for $160 both of which can be seen in the attached “Word” document
    Both are available in Dark Tint, Light Tint and Clear. The NB-01 is also available in Mercury for $175
    Fitting kits are included.
    Once made, Perth close metro area is only $10. Elsewhere, delivery is $20.
    Ordering is online via email and payment can be made by Credit Card or Direct Deposit.
    Card payment attracts a 2% Bank surcharge though.
    All consultancy and technical information is answered by email.
    Quote is current for 24 hours
  3. Hey mate i have a screen installed on my cb400 and i think it looks pretty good.

    I have never ridden without out it but im sure it makes a difference with the wind.

    Not too sure how much it cost either it came with the bike.

    I have an image but the photo was taken when i had an accident so its slightly bent and scratched but good enough to see if you like it 8-[

    Attached Files:

  4. Me want one too. Any thoughts on how important it is for it to be genuine Honda?
  5. Mine is genuine honda, but to tell the truth all it is, is a piece of overly expensive perspex with a nice chrome bracket.

    If what you find looks good and has a nice strong bracket, then i think that would be fine
  6. Guys,

    I bought a brand new Honda CB400 Super Four with ABS in September of this year. I am getting a little frustrated with the lack of accessories / info available here in Aus. I am *slowly* finding things - thanks to great sites like this one - but this morning, I decided to set up http://www.cb400riders.com/

    Please feel free to register and help me build a bit of a knowledge base / reference for fellow CB400 owners worldwide.


  7. Yeh, I am looking at one of these too. Although someone mentioned elsewhere that nothing else quite fitted or looked as good as the OEM screen.