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CB400 Fender Eliminator...??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Chicken Wing, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. S'up,
    Anyone know where i can get a fender eliminator for CB400 - 2009 model...

    Someone mentioned in a thread the singapore sites for the CB400, but i cant make head nor tail of them... Anyone know of any other sources?


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  2. I have subscribed to this thread.

    Like you, I cannot make head or tail of the singapore bikes sites.

    I would love a fender eliminator, windscreen and maybe a belly pan for my beast. There's some pics on Singapore Bikes of CB400's set up like this. I think they look quite impressive.
  3. Fender eliminators generally are illegal, as they are not to 45 degrees, no reflector etc etc not sure why you would want the extra attention from the filth on a learner bike.
  4. Why...???
    Coz they look cool.

    Good chat.
  5. Generally maybe but not all are, could fabricate one that is within the laws of degree and has reflector etc etc.

    Not all pigs pick on bikes regardless of what mods it has as long as you are riding properly within the law.
  6. I haven't bought the fender from there but have bought other items and am happy with them.

    Others on that forum have got the fender and seem happy with it. Your best bet is to contact the vendor on there but I would guess it would cost somewhere between $50-80.
  7. So great bike !
  8. To Chicken wings

    I got my fender eliminator from Singapore bikes and some other items they are great
  9. big dave, any photos from your CB?
  10. To Lemontree

    I would love to post some photos , but I have not been able I have some great photos of my bike and would love to see the comments . If you can advise how to upload ill put them up
  11. Hey mate, sorry for the late reply. To upload pictures, simply go to the Post Reply box and you should see an icon that looks like a picture of a tree titled 'Insert/edit image'. This will then bring a box where you can select and load your photo. Hope that helps! Look forward to see some shots :)