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CB400 Exhaust

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by geodude, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. I've looking for a slip-on exhaust for my CB400 but there doesn't seem to be anything specific for the bike. I've seen it sometimes being paired up with the CB300F or CB500F. Anyone able to give me some options on what I could get?

  2. Stain tune and yoshimura make cb400 specific pipes. Not cheap though....
  3. Aren't the CB300F and CB500F completely different mechanically the the CB400. One being a single cylinder, one a twin and one a four. Is the CB400 a 4 into 1 exhaust, I suppose if the slip on fits on the pipe diameter you could use it if you could fabricate some mounts.
  4. Yep it's a 4 in to 1. Should I get the mechanic to do it? They'll probably charge my an arm lol
  5. If you buy a genuine cb400 slip on its easy to do. If you buy a cb500 or similar you may have fitting issues not only with pipe diameter, but the angle and the bolt position not all lining up. Which means you have to customize the bracket or drill different holes etc. not impossible but depends on your technical nous and what equipment you have available.
  6. Staintune have a local product but its $800 and looks the same as the standard one.

    It is 2kg lighter though


  7. And an awesome note with the baffle out.
  8. Hmm that's a little expensive for me... I will probably head into MCAS in the next couple of weeks
  9. IXIL slip on muffler sounds pretty good:
  10. I think the Ixil sounds fantastic. Looking at getting a CB400 myself and will defs be putting the Ixil on. There is the 'screaming demon' slip on as well, made by the same company here in Aus. I think the Ixil sounds much meaner though
  11. That IXIL slip on sounds awesome. I'm looking at getting a new muffler for my CB400, where did you get it from? Is it much louder than the stock one?
  12. Ebay or screaming demon (same seller) they are about $400. There are 3 options for the sound. In that video is the loudest with no baffle but it also comes with two baffles. I have the quietest baffle in mine and I find it is a good compromise of fairly quite idle but starts to scream in the higher rev range.
  13. Blueflame in England make nice tubes for the cb400. The oval twin port one is nice.

    Danmoto are cheap and nasty but okay if you don't mind that.

    Basically if you want the quality you usually have to spend a bit of cash.
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  14. Thanks for the info guys, I'll check them out.
  15. If anyone of you are still after the IXIL slip on ive got one thats virtually new. Barely used.
    Selling it because im selling my CB400SF