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CB400 differences 2008 to 2014

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sanzaru, May 12, 2014.

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    Hey guys,

    Just after some info on if there are any differences/upgrades from an 2008 produced cb400 to a 2013 cb400?

    Any info would be great, so far I'm just guessing its been the same bike just with different colour options?


    Correct forum: Bike Reviews, Questions & Suggestions
  2. Wikipedia tells you feck all. All I know is the older ones like mine (2008/2009) have chrome engine bits and gold wheels for some, and the later ones have black engine bits and I think black wheels. That's the only differences I am aware of, but then I also don't know much more than Wikipedia. :notworthy:
  3. 2008 through to 2013, there hasn't been any change apart from colour options. The MY2014, however, has been treated to minor styling updates. The mirrors now are round instead of square, the instrument panel has been upgraded to now include a gear position indicator (it also has integrated dash lights now which is cool), the wheels are now more modern a la the CBR company and the tail section has also been redesigned a bit. Also, the tail-light now is clear.
    There are no changes on the mechanical side as far as I know, it uses the same NC42 model number and all.
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  4. Here's a vid to show you.

  5. He was asking about the changes to 2013 not 2014 which is why I pointed him to wikepedia, there are no significant changes, in hindsight I guess I could have just said that instead I guess.
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    But the title says 2014
  7. That wasn't directed at you Ausfox.
  8. Christ, not another Mcsenna - NAK pissing comp. Good luck.
  9. It wasn't directed at him either particularly, no pissing contest, take the popcorn back to the candy counter, nothing to see here.
  10. Damn it. Was looking forward to it.
  11. By the way our last encounter wasn't a pissing contest, he was just wrong is all.;)
  12. After seeing the 2014 release in that video, I like my triple spoke wheels over those multi spoke jobbies, and old fashioned Instrument Cluster. Guess I am really getting old.[/QUOTE]
  13. I was 100% right and I stand by my words, and I proved you wrong here as well ;)

    Anyway, on the topic, the 2014 does come with a few cosmetic changes, but I'm yet to see one locally. Let's hope Honda Australia doesn't drop it off the local line-up altogether. The CB is just about the only exciting bike in Honda's local line-up. The new VFR is something that has got me interested too, but that's about it.
  14. Thank you kindly sir! I can't believe Justus personally welcoming me!
    I promise I'll try to be nice to people going forward, even if they are clearly wrong :happy:
  15. Haha, never a dull moment….
  16. Sweet, thanks for info guys. I just thought there might've been more then just cosmetic changes over the years in terms of suspension etc. But if not, means I will look at older ones rather then newer