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CB400 Diagnostics Port & GIPRO-DS

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Geoffrius, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    So the mrs got me a Gipro-DS gear indicator for Xmas and I just got around to fitting it today. Got it all wired up and per the instructions located the red onboard diagnostics connector and plugged 'er in.


    Then connected it up - confirmed no bent pins etc. It just clips straight into the red connector and it's all good.

    Turned the ignition on per the instructions, but just get this weird "F" on the display:

    Did a fair amount of googling on this one - the manufacturer says to spray some WD-40 in the connector (did that) and check to make sure pins aren't bent (did that also).

    Any ideas? Does the CB400 have another dignostics port or something? ](*,)
    Do any of my fellow CB400 owners have a Gipro-DS hooked up?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Sorry to dig up an old thread, just connected my GIPRO-DS to my 2011 CB400 in the exact same port in your pictures and it worked perfectly the first time.. just need to wait for this damned rain to stop before I can learn the gears (should really go and get myself a racing stand!)
  3. I wouldn't mind one of those - but I don't think they are worth $150 for the privilege
  4. G'day Muga - Thanks for the update mate.

    I ended up getting on to the manufacturer who has offered to replace it for me. He believes it could just be a faulty unit. I had Honda test and confirm the diagnostics port works so I'm confident it's the Gipro itself =D>


  5. Good stuff, just took the bike for a spin to learn the gears.. works perfect, very happy with the purchase.. no more thinking I'll find 7th gear if I try hard enough
  6. Hmmm, even though it is pricey - I am tempted. Where did you guys get it from?
  7. I got it from www.amcmotorcycles.com... it took a while because I was waiting on backorder, but they should have it in stock now..
  8. I have just a Gipro & had exactly the same problem with the ''F'' & inability to learn the gears , very carefully check the connector , with mine one of the 3 pins on the Gipro plug had somehow not quite made contact , what i used was a straightened out paper clip to push each connector pin hard home into the plug , i did very closely examine both halves of the connector plugs prior to this & could see no sign of bent pins or ill fitting connector pins , take a tip & give it a try , you've nothing to loose & i'll bet it cures it for ya , let me know how it goes cheers

    ps---make yourself a little right angle bracket to mount the indicator on ,have a look at my thread in the "bling''section , my bracket is attached with double sided body tape [same type of tape thats on the back of the indicator , hope this helps ya.

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  9. Bradr - thanks mate I'll look at that tonight again. Perhaps I didn't push hard enough! Cheers, G.
  10. I certainly like that idea - it is the ideal location for it. I think I will do the same thing. It also gets the cable out of the way
  11. Yeh , its not actually a matter of pushing hard enough , you need to get a bit of stiff wire or similar to actually push the pins right home inside the plug , they actually need to go deeper into the plastic socket , biggest problem is that as you've probably already experienced , the connector itself is at a bugger of an angle to get your fingers around and is a very tight fit , thus making it so easy to dislodge a terminal pin slightly when assembling , as i said previously when you look down into the socket you probably won't even see the difference in height of the pins , but thats how much it takes to upset the apple cart .
  12. Hey Brad - thanks for the info mate.

    Are you talking about where the wires enter the connector from the outside? Or inside the connector itself (where the terminals are)? I tried from the inside so tonight I'll try for. The outside and see if that works.

  13. yes, assemble the connector , then with the straightened out paperclip , push all 6 wires right home , ie 3 wires on each side of the assembled connector.