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Cb400 Care

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Vargulf, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hey all I finally got my 2011 black cb400 with gold rims. I don't have a helmet yet though which is driving me absolutely crazy!
    I got a newer bike than I expected I just wanted to get some advice on care of it.
    1. The tank is black and you can see streaks in the paintwork from a years use but I can tell it would be flawless with proper cleaning and polish. Any recommended products? No cutters obviously some gentle product I can't screw up with lol.
    2. The chrome sections (mirrors, forks, dash) should be cleaned and polished with what?
    3. It doesn't have oggy knobs but I am 6 1' and it is so short haha. I think if one foot slipped my knee would hit before the bike. Are they still highly recommended and does anyone have a 2nd hand set?

    Cheers all

    * I forgot to ask too how do you remove the mirrors on this bike? I have tried with no success, the manual doesn't mention it and I can't find out on google...
    I have taken it inside for the few weeks till I can next ride but it would fit far easier if I could temp remove the mirrors?
  2. grats, it sure is a great bike :)

    imo don't be too finicky keeping it clean and shiny. its a bike, it will get dirty.

    1. standard car soap with lukewarm water and sponge. rinse with water. quick wipe down with a shammy to get excess water off and go for a "quick" squirt around the block to dry it out. nothing too fancy. will come up nice and shiny.

    i dont bother with wax or anything. just means you have to clean the crap off next time you wash it.

    2. once again, i don't do anything too fancy. same as above. dry off with a shammy will be enough to wipe off any streaks or anything.

    3. i would. if/when you drop it will save the engine case. you might still bend a lever, etc but thats cheap and easy to replace.

    (4.) the mirrors are screwed on. the right one can be unscrewed clockwise and my guess is the left would be counter clockwise. just twist and pull the rubber seal back at the joint and you will see what i mean.
  3. Cool thanks that explains the mirrors...
    I just wanted to give it a first clean as it came to me abit dirty so I'll just use car soap suggested. I'm sure the novelty will wear off though, but its my first new vehicle. I have had a HiLux till now and I don't think I've ever cleaned the poor ol girl ;s

    Cheers for the tips
  4. Use a quality carnauba wax on the chrome, and on the paintwork. Depending on how often you ride it should only need to be done every 6-12 months.

    Oh and it's not necessary to remove the wax to clean the bike. Most of the dirt/oil/grit should just sit on the surface and be be easily removable with nothing more than a little water and a microfibre cleaning cloth/mitt.

    Few other things to remember: don't use a pressure washer, and don't use soap on any aluminium alloy parts (use a citrus based cleaner/degreaser for the engine/wheels).
  5. +1 for oggy knobs. I laid mine down the other day in the slippery driveway. It was a gentle lay down and I still managed to bend my lever, but the oggy knobs took some impact instead of the engine case.

    The right mirror actually screw on anti-clock wise and if you pull back the black rubber cover, you will see another screw which allows you to adjust the depth of the screw in threads to the mount. Hence allowing you to adjust how wide or close you want to screw the mirrors in.

    Another point with the rear-sets, I have noticed mine already rubbing and wearing from my booths after 4 months of owning it from new.
    If you like to keep the bike spotless, might ideal to find something for that patch/area.