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CB250's apparently dont have fuel warning lights

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Fire Eagle, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    Unfortunately my baby bike is taking a little longer than expected at the mechanics, so i am stuck with the loan bike for another couple of days.
    I ride over 70km per day and with the across have to fill every second or third day, but when i looked over the CB250 that was loaned to me by the shop, there isnt a warning light.

    Does anyone have any idea how far these bikes go on a tank?????
    (really dont feel like running out and having to change to reserve tank on the side of the monash during peak hour)


  2. I used to be able to do 250km on the open road without a worry. You'd probably get 280-300km odd out of a tank if you take it easy and really try. Less in town of course but the fact is they use almost no petrol whatsoever.

    They don't have warning light because when the bike runs out of fuel it lets you know by spluttering for a bit and konking out. If this happens, switch it to reserve and ride to a petrol station. :)
  3. My advice Emily is to get very familiar with the location of the reserve switch - ie. so you can easily find it with a gloved hand etc - and learn to use it on the run.

    Yes, it always konks out at the most inconvenient times, yes it can be a bit hairy when it does - but it's something you should be comfortable with using as a heckuva lot of bikes, particularly older ones, don't have a fuel gauge or light, and it's good to know it's not the end of the world if it does happen.

    Oh, and make sure you stick it back into the ON position when you've filled up.... Nothing's worse than going for the reserve switch only to find out you ARE on reserve!

  4. Most 250's (infact i think all of them bar the Across) will not have fuel warning lights!! That is what the reserve is for, which works the exact same way. The time in which you have to switch to reserve is the exact same time a warning light would come on so really there is no need for a light! I would much rather realy on having a 'reserve' with left over fuel then trusting that a warning light will work and come on at the right time. What if it blows while riding and you don't know?? Then you'd end up running out of fuel thinkin, "gee this tank is going a long way, i must have been good on the throttle"

  5. i got 308 kms out of this tank just gone. i ahve seen it go up to 340 too. but roughly 300 and then fill er up!
  6. Im used to using reserve switches (although on the across its so tucked away that i have to pull over to reach it and before you even say it, yes i do have short arms also)
    On my own bike i also know how many km i get before red light, then how many km till reserve, then how many until i call the RACV for a fill (havent had to do yet cause i know my own bike and riding pretty well)
    I have also ran the bike until i needed to use reserve so that i knew what it felt and sounded like to run down.

    But ive only been on the CB250 since thursday arvo and dont know its limits, how easily i might be able to switch it to reserve on the run or what it sounds like when dying.

    So i really appreciate the responses guys. I now know that i shouldnt need to worry at all (cause my bike IS gonna be fixed by wednesday morning, otherwise............I think I know some rather dead mechanics!!)

    Oh yeah and for my next bike, there is a fuel light requirement :grin: (as someone with shorter arms, changing fuel switches on the run isnt always possible and stopping when lane splitting between two large trucks isnt in my to do list)

    Thanks all.

  7. Only you can answer that. The switch is in easy reach on the left hand side. Sit on the bike and see if your arms are long enough by reaching down to it. General rule of thumb is, if you're flexible enough to reach your own knee you should be able to reach the fuel tap. :grin:
  8. i can get my CB250 up to over 360kms before I need to refill.
  9. hey its hard for me. theres so much knee and leg in the way i have to put my knee like out a million metres to get my hand in there. bloody long legs and short arse bike! :mad: :p
  10. Fill it to the top.

    Reset trip meter

    Travel 100km

    Top it up again.

    Divide km by the litres used and you have just worked out your fuel range.

    eg. 16lt tank. ride 120km top it up with 6 litres.
    120/6 = 20
    20*16(lt) = 320km tank range.
  11. how much do you weigh though? that would affect it alot. i weigh 80kgs and am tall so theres lotsa wind resistance an i got 308 and it was on reserve.
  12. There is no warning light, but there is the trip meter, so I reset it when I fill up, and I try to fill up again before I hit 250-260kms, though I have done a bit more than that without running out... This is all city riding, and I weight 80kgs also - well, probably a bit more with all the gear :)
  13. How about spending 10 minutes looking over your new bike for a fuel selector switch. I was at least hoping for an on switch. I was pleasantly surprised when my VFR came with a fuel gauge AND a fuel warning light. I'm used to doing the odometer trick as a fuel guage. Still do.
  14. I only weigh 67kg so yeah that would come into it. i've actually had it up to 379 on the trip meter & still hadn't hit reserve but I figured I was puching my luck & turned into the first petrol station. put in 15.6 litres that time!
  15. holy cow that's exactly what i used to get outta the cb250! bout 320km...sometimes little more. but when i hit 320 i'd fill her up
  16. I dunno about other bikes, but mine gives me about 15 seconds warning before it starts to die. It starts to fade a little, needing a bit more throttle, then I get a slight hesitation, then it starts to die properly. However, the CB's only have one carb yes? So probably once one fuel bowl dries up, that's it. I have four to empty, and I guess all four don't empty at once.
    I only get about 200 kms to a tank on the Z, but I am a bit of a brick.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Mine loses power.

    Switch over to res and I get about 20k to get more juice.

    I get lots of practice with the switch. Constantly seem to forget to switch fuel on, go about 100m and blaaaaaaaaaaaa it starts to die.

    Brain in gear, swich fuel on. Ah, lots of power now, thats better.
  18. i never understood why my bike has a fuel tap, fuel guage *and* a fuel warning light :p
  19. pt, I did weight 97kg and used to get 400+ km on a tank on my CB250, without going to reserve. I'm now down to 82kg and still get that. I run it on Mobil Synergy 8000. The bike takes about 15 litres to fill. I get about 30-32km/litre. I occasionally do give the bike some stick and can still get 350+ km on the tank.
  20. wow thats impressive. i think mine would spend its time mostly around 7 or 8000 rpm but it occaisonally backfires and pings when its been running for ages so it's probablu running rich. :?