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CB250F Hornet - Adjusting seat height

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by VCM, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Hi Fellow Junkies :p
    Have a few questions and was hoping some of you guys/gals could advise me.
    (A) Has anyone lowered a hornet 250. Specs say seat height is adjustable. Being a short-ass, I removed the seat and adjusted the shocker ( turned the top section to softest setting ). But I'd like to drop it another inch or so. I havent touched the front forks, but was thinking perhaps I should seeing as I dropped the rear a little, and it may also help to drop the bike height a tad.
    (8) Also have a problem of the seat being so damn slippery. Is their something you can do to remove the 'shine' and make the seat a little more grippy? Or is re-upholstering the only way to go?
    (C) Noticed the engine would at times just 'die' when sitting idling at lights ( in gear clutch in ). It would then start up no problem. Does the CBR250/CB250F engine have any issues with stalling like this?? Is my coil on the way out ?
    :? :?