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CB250 to GS500

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DaveS, May 16, 2008.

  1. Traded the CB in yesterday for a shiny black GS500, so much smoother and nicer to ride!! :grin:
    With the CB it was hard to get to 80km/hr but now the problem is staying below 80!
    The GS feels like it likes to rev more and stay in a lower gear round town, is this right? Should I keep the revs up in traffic by avoiding the temptation to change up?

    P.S. The GS seem easier to do the u-turns than the CB, just feels more stable, I wasn't expecting that.


  2. It would me more a case of the GS "fitting you" better maybe.
    My Bandit weighs the same but is taller, longer and wider than my last bike but it's easier to chuck around.
  3. Yep, you're probably right; I'm 6'1 and 78kg.
  4. Nice trade :)

    GS likes to cruise from 4-6k RPM and play around 6-9k RPM.
    To me, the engine sounds labored above 7k, nice though.
    If you have any GS specific questions/mods I've found GStwins.com to be an excellent resource, lots of mods on the wiki :)
  5. i think you have that wrong, the GS sounds laboured at anything under 3,500rpm, laboured is where the engine is bogging down as the engine is struggling to push the bike at such low revs mainly in 4th gear or above
  6. Yeah, I know.
    I'm saying it sounds like its revving too hard if you're just piddling along at 60kph in light traffic at say 7000RPM. The engine sounds to me like it would rather sit at 4500RPM.