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CB250/Nighthawk Ventura Rack instructions?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by ambs, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I bought a 2ndhand ventura rack for my cb250 last weekend, and finally had the time to attach it but now that i look at the bike, i'm not entirely sure how it bolts on.

    I can see the bolts that i'd use, one attaching rear indicators and the others under the seat, but the ones under the seat are hidden by a piece of plastic.

    Anyone have the guide/installation instructions that come with the rack?
  2. Installation instructions differ for different bikes. For the CB500X, you have to drill holes in the plastic floor under the seat, but you need a template to get the position of the holes right. CB250 may be completely different. Best off contacting Ventura to get a set of instructions if you have no joy in NR.
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  3. Ah alright, I'll shoot them an email. Thanks for letting me know about the plastic on the CB500X, sounds like it could be a similar situation on my 250!
  4. Stever42 recently fitted one for someone.
    He may give you some tips, if you send him a PM with the same question.
  5. Its relatively straight forward Stever42 installed mine for me no drilling needed just a matter of lining the rack up with all the connectors in places and putting the bolts in and tightening.

    To summarise

    1 - Remove seat
    2 - remove fairings
    3 - Once fairings and seat removed you should see 2 bolts on each side the rack should be able to line up with which you screw the bolt to
    4 - remove the indicator bolts and the rack should screw in here
    5 - tighten

    I have included a few quick photos which may help you

    1st picture shows how it connects to the bolt holding the indicator.
    2nd pictures shows how its place under the indicator
    3rd picture shows the seat off and the bolt the rack connects to note there is one of each side, probably could of got a better photo if I took the fairings off but didnt
    4th picture shows how it appears finished.

    1. 2. 3. 4.
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  6. What WantFreedomWantFreedom said. Once you have the seat off and remove the plastics (a couple of bolts then press stud into sockets thingies) it's pretty obvious what you have to do next.
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  7. Hey guys thanks for the replies and great info, I also messaged Ventura and they sent me a pdf, very friendly staff with great response time, an absolute pleasure to deal with!
  8. Upload the pdf to this thread as it other forum members might need it in the future.
  9. Here is a copy of the PDF, its actually not super informative, the pictures you've provided do a much better job at explaining it (thanks by the way, can't wait to finish up uni today so i can attach it!)

    Attached Files:

  10. Those are pretty vague instructions. They obviously got their act together by the time they made the rack for the CB500X as they provided pictures as well to make it clearer.
  11. Thanks for pdf ahah!