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CB250 - Intermittent Starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Middle Child, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I love my Honda CB250 but I have an unusual occurrence of late. When I try to start in the mornings the bike will often not start. The battery is connected (and only replaced 8 months ago) and the bike will try to turnover but it seems as though the battery only has enough "charge" to show the lights and nothing else.

    The strange part is that the bike is parked rear to curb. When I push it onto the flat section of road, it then starts first time. Neutral v in-gear with clutch in makes no difference. When I ride home from work it starts first time. At work it is on the flat in the staff car park. Terminal connections are perfect. Battery fluid looks fine.

    Thoughts, queries, comments???
  2. Starting in the morning is hardest the bike is cold, oil is a bit kludgy etc. A couple of questions:-

    1: When you try and start do you hear the Starter motor turning?
    2: If you don't hear the starter motor do you hear a Click (Starter Solenoid)?
    3: If you don't get either of the above, does the the headlight dim when you push the start button?

    Some possibilities:

    - Bad starter button, spray some contact cleaner into the button.
    - Faulty solenoid or low current connection to the solenoid.

    Get back to us with the answers to above. :)
  3. Thanks CJVFR,

    I do actually hear the click of the starter solenoid. I have the bike manual and may find some time on this weekend to try and check it out. I will also do a bit of a service. Really appreciate you assistance. I know I am only new on the forum but this is a great site.
  4. Ok, If you hear the click of the starter solenoid then it is not Starter button or low current path. It could be electrical, high current path. Check all the heavy connections battery, solenoid, starter motor. They may seem tight but it takes very little build up of gunk to produce a high resistance path that limits start current. I would start by disconnecting battery and the heavy leads connecting the start solenoid and give them a clean with a light sandpaper. Reassemble and see if that improves things. Good Luck.
  5. sounds like your stroke is to short and you are getting premature ignition

    just kidding :)
  6. Pretty much what cj said. As a first step, you might try just loosening the battery terminal connections a bit, with the motorcycle tool kit, and giving them a bit of a wiggle and shake, then doing them up again. ie, I would tip the battery terminal connections to be the most likely culprit.

    If there's white crystalline powdery shit all over them, clean it off, clean the mating surfaces, reassemble. Wash your hands afterwards BEFORE you touch your eyes. Or your mouth. Or anything else that's personal and sensitive and you don't want burned with battery acid.
  7. Do the lights dim when you hit the starter button?

    Do they dim normally?
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    I'm having a similar problem on my VTR250 and pretty much have to push start it every second day. Everything sounds normal but it just doesn't start. Battery is only 5 months old and the charge seems normal. I'll check the contacts of the battery tomorrow.

    My lights do dim when it starts, though they always have. Though after about 25 seconds of trying to get it to start it pretty much fades out. Probably a new battery might be the case actually.

    Sounds pretty much like this without the clicking the guy is talking about. [media=youtube]dhd_j8ZFsZA[/media]

    I bought some spark plugs the other day but my tool is too short... <.<
  9. happened to me when I had my cd250u a bike almost identical to the cb250 engine wise.
    Loose battery terminals is the culprit.
  10. Hi All, sorry for not posting back sooner.
    So I did some maintenance on Sunday and found that the battery connections, even though they were tight, we quite rusty. I used a fine sandpaper to clean them up. Also wiped some excess grime from the solenoid connectors and general cleaned and checked all electricals. There was no battery acid leak and that looked fine. Since then it is starting first time, every time. It was also great to learn a lot more about the bike. A big thank you to all who contribute to this frorum
    To Bradc1988 - sorry to hear your tool is too short!
  11. Good to hear you are mobile again MC.
  12. Had the same issue when my bike went for a sleep on the road and knocked a terminal loose. Double check then triple check ALL connections. Use your manual and find the starter solenoid. Check all connections from the battery to there

    EDIT: Good to hear you've got it all sorted :) Nothing's worse than a bike that won't start!