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cb250 honda

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by maxsspeed, Dec 25, 2011.

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  1. HELP I own a cb 250 goin on a year now, a month a go one morning ready for work the battery said not today so i charged it went well for aweek and then it desided not to work again repeated process for 3 weeks. Brought a new battery
    and that lasted 2 days went for an hours ride around town still dead any ideas on what sort of electrical problem this might be

  2. not bad, yourself?
  3. Charging circuit problem
  4. ty lilley ill pull the side off my bike and have alook at the charging thingy might need some contact cleaner shame i dont have a multi metre to test the volts
  5. Now that you got free advice how about you return the favour and introduce yerself
  6. Probably a regulator rectifier problem. Check current coming out of it. Don't worry about the miserable moderators, no one checks the welcome forum anyway. :p
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  7. I would say the battery is dead not the charging circuit.

    How old is the battery?
  8. please, it's not hard to read.

    It's about 2 days old.
  9. hey lilley checked the alternator inside the motor looks brand new modified exhaust in the process lol. its about 100 bucks for a regulator thingy had it idleing before and gave it a rev and the newtral light came stayed on for a bit but went and that was it after that didnt want to work at all ill take it honda tomorro and get them to check the charge with there multi meter
  10. good news i can get a regulator rectifier off ebay from china delivered for 28 bucks brand new better than 80 dollar mark up in aus from ur local honda dealer
  11. Have you checked the rec/reg yet? Got a multimeter? Start the bike, set the meter to DC volts, apply to battery, and check the voltage as you increase the revs up to about 5000rpm. Should peak at somewhere around 14.5.
  12. ty roarin got a new reg/rec on the way takes 2 weeks in the mail from china but better then spending 100 dollars or more in aus
  13. Hey maxsspeed, welcome to NR :) and are you in Vic, NSW??
  14. Thread locked op did not post in troubleshooting forum did not introduce himself and ordered a shonky Chinese part off eBay which will last all of three months tops Lilley is gonna get a belting and since this is on an iPad I caNt actually move the post to the correct forum easily.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.