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CB250 fuel experiment

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by edgelett, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. I am attempting to find out exactly how much mileage I can get out of a tank on my CB250. I normally fill up after 350kms.

    I haven't filled up for ages.

    Parked the bike in the car park today - 406.9kms out of 1 tank of fuel, haven't hit reserve yet.

    Will update when I run out of fuel (and hopefully don't get stranded!)

  2. You must ride awfully softly (not that thats bad, no point racing a C8).

    I always dreamed of breaking 400km's in a tank, but I always hit reserve way before then (around 350+), and I wasn't even riding especially hard. This was always in the suburbs, so mabye if I did some highway miles I would get more?
    Still really economical- how many litres is that tank again?

    Be carefull!
    Even the lightest bike is a biatch to push. I once pushed a 90kg scooter 3k's to the nearest servo. I collapsed after that. I'd hate to think what even a CB250 would be like.

    Personally, I wouldn't do it. I think you might regret it when you have to lug that thing up a steep hill.
  3. Just carry some extra fuel...
  4. That is really, really good! I don't think I would get much over 300kms out of mine - I don't ride very hard either, but for me it's all start-stop, start-stop...

    Maybe you don't have reserve at all for some reason?

    The official figure for the tank on CB250 is 16 liters, I'm not sure if that includes the reserve? I think the figures quoted are usually the total capacity of the tank... correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Damn that's not a bad effort by the CB...

    If don't want to be stranded (it's a bastard, trust me) try picking up one of these from a camping/bushwalking store.* They're about $25 - $30 and you can use them touring or just on generally longer trips, they're also uber light and you won't be stranded pushing a bike around hoping to run across a petrol station.

    *Idea stolen from glitch_oz.
  6. well I rode home last night & rode back to work today - up to 436.4 km's on the trip meter, haven't hit reserve yet.

    No I guess I don't ride too hard, I haven't been out for any long cruises for a while cause my weekends have been spent pulling the hornet apart, just been riding to & from work.

    I try to keep my revs between 4-5000 around the city, don't want to rev it too hard when I'm having to stop/start all the time.

    seems like my bike is a total freak bike - maybe the trip meter's screwed or something. It's due for a service in a couple of weeks, i'll get them to look at that.

    Cause on face value i've ridden 1/2 way to melb on a tank of fuel!
  7. oh and I won't get stuck anyway- i'll just call my BF & ask him to bring the cage & a jerry can.
  8. add into your analysis fuel grades !

    my VTR loves 98RON, and I also get better economy out of it.
    Out of the high octance blends I have found . . .

    BP Ultimate - more performance
    Optimax - better economy, engine sounds smoother
    Caltex / Mobile - i get mixed results . . . i have an uncle who is a pretroleum dude at Caltex, he even tells me there is a missing variable Caltex is not analysing in their MSDs (material data sheets) and QA specs, which Shell does (he use to be ex-Shell). He advises me to stick with Optimax.
    7Eleven/G/other independants - DODGY !!! I stay away from.
  9. Are you sure someone is not playing a trick on you by adding petrol to the tank while you're not looking? A philanthropic prank?
  10. well I hit reserve today.
    For those interested, last time I filled up was with BP Ultimate 98 octane.

    I switched to reserve at 449.2 km's on the tank. it was starting to die, hit reserve & we were off again. happened 500m's from home, will re-fill tomorrow.

    And no, no-one (as far as I know) has been filling the bike up without my knowledge, not unless my BF has been waking up at 2am to do it while I slept through.

    so when I take it for it's 30,000km service, I'll get them to check the odometer.
  11. should of rode it around the block a few times to see how long reserve would last :p
  12. that's ridiculous mileage... might puddle my GPX to and from tafe/work and see what miles i get out of it... (and it saves me money :p )
  13. Tell me about it. Your talking like ~3.5l/100km here!!! That's pretty incredible for a 250cc naked. That figure is based of the total tank figure quoted above. Therefore your actual ecomony is even better again as i included the reserve measurement in that.
  14. Wow, that's damn impressive. I usually get to 250k before I fill up again (standard unleaded). I was sure my '04 250 only had a 10 litre tank, am I wrong there? Cos if I can squeeze more out of it them im all for it!

    I'm just too scared to get caught out :p
  15. Bloody hell i get about 200kms on the bandit then i hit reserve.
    Thats on the highway!
  16. well I filled up this morning - the pump at the station said I put 13.47 litres of fuel back in the bike.

    Yes I agree with you all, 449kms on a 250cc bike seems totally unbelievable. Hence why I'm going to get the bike shop to check the trip meter & odometer out when I take it for a service to see if it's working properly.

    for all I know it could be ticking over too quick.
  17. I suspect your odometer is overreading! Are you a small person too?
    I get 160km out of a 18 litre tank on the Z, trying to figure out ohw to get a bigger tank on the bike!
    Interestingly, when I first started riding, I would get 200kms to a tank....

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Could be, but your mileage figures aren't too hard to believe. The CB uses a frugal amount of fuel, and you said that most of your riding is commuting. Lots of smaller bikes (especially twins) generally use less fuel commuting rather than highway riding simply because they aren't revving so high (bigger bikes are usually the opposite).

    You've been getting 33km/L, I used to get 25km/L on a thirstier (revvier 4 cyl) bandit 250. Believable.
  19. The cb uses 3.4L/100km according to this table:


    At this rate, your 449km's equates to 15.27L of fuel (versus the 13.47L you used [according to the pump, but that's a whole other story!]).

    Bear in mind that this rated economy have been a combined cycle (city/highway), throw in the ecomomical riding that you've been doing, small stature, and your figure is probably right.

    Edit: Can you tell that I'm bored at work?!
  20. well, it's a story I would like to hear... a petrol station that UNDERCHARGES for fuel threy sell? Bring it on!