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CB250 down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ozfz6nguy, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. My old man was riding home from work this arvo. He was following a cage coming into frankston, as they approached an intersection the cage was swerving all over the place and driving very erratically. As they went through the intersection (two lanes) the cage swerved over in front of my old man, causing him to swerve to avoid a collision. The cb250 went down quite hard, the cage driver slowed for a second then took off quickly.

    My old man is ok, he wasn't wearing gloves so his hands are a bit scratched up, but mostly he is ok. They are taking some precautionary x-rays at the moment.

    The police attended the scene before the ambulance arrived, my old man talked to them and told them it was largely his own fault for actually dropping the bike and because there was no contact between the vehicles the police can't get the cage for hit and run! I really want to know when cage drivers are going to start realising that they don't actually have to hit a motorcycle to cause accident and injury!!!

    Grrrr </rant>
  2. Yeah it's a bit like people saying " I've never had an accident " doesn't mean they haven't caused any .
  3. Is the poor Cibby okay?

    At least he can happy he dropped a bike that can stand any amount of punishment/is cheap to repair
  4. Prolly wouldn't stick but what about 'leaving the scene of an accident', 'negligent driving' - admitting fault wouldnt 've helped in the end. Hope he makes a full recovery.