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CB250 Brat custom

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by pil, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Well done! :shock:

    I could well be enlisting your services in the future if you keep up the good work!
  2. very very cool
    would be an awesome town cruiser :D
  3. Nice bike! I still like the TW200 more, but this one's gorgeous too! Love the paint on the tank.

  4. I dig it!

    Tell us more....
  5. I love it!

    I've been looking for someone to help us with turning a suzuki bandit or similar into an 80's endurance racer replica, looks like he'd be just the guy.
  6. Watch those heat wraps on the exhaust; the Deus crowd loves them, but guys like Carl Batey (Cafe Racer Carl) have warned the lot of us that they're a great way to burn out the valves and generally over-heat and damage the head. Quarterwit's SR400 originally had the wrap, and now he's had to go get another head cause the old one's burnt and is self-destructing - Carl, who discovered the problem while dismantling and hot-rodding his engine, reckons he's lucky the bike didn't sieze on the highway!
  7. Where's the battery though?
  8. Directly below the air filter. :?
  9. haha love it!

    In sydney we have nice cafe's to sit at called Deus Ex Machina, they build and sell allot of custom rats, bobbers etc, a little painfull on the pocket, but good bikes none the less.

  10. Hot, noice and grouse.
  11. really really cool :]
  12. very very nice :cool:
  13. Looooove it!!! Very Jealous I would love to have it parked in my garage:grin: actually it would never be in my garage because i would never stop riding it.
  14. Impressive! Looks great.
  15. Thanks for the kind word guys, much appreciated. The bike has been sold now so I hope you see it riding around the streets of sydney. The tw200 is still my main ride just looking for another project bike for the next build so if any of you know of bikes like the xs650 etc going give me a bell. Like I said before big thanks to paul from evolution motorsport for giving me workshop space, guidance and access to awesome tools. Want something like it, find paul at evolution.


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