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CB250 - beginner oil change &filter clean

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by SJade, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm brand new to riding, and have had my learners and a 2001 CB250 for 3 weeks now. It's a great little bike but has hard a hard life, and I get the impression it's been a long time since it had a really good service. I'm looking to do a lot of this myself, starting with an oil change.

    I've got the tools and oil etc. I just have a couple of really stupid questions.

    1- I was hoping to clean the oil filter/screen out, am I biting off more than I can chew? I have ordered the Haynes manual but it has to come from the states and is about 4 weeks away. If anyone can offer me some advice on how to access the screen I'd appreciate it, as I'd like to get this done asap rather than wait for the manual to arrive...

    2- (here's the really stupid question) When checking oil level on the CB250 do you screw the dipstick in or leave it sitting on the thread? A google search throws up both answers...

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Don't know about the oil screen. I'd expect the bike to have a replaceable, paper-element filter somewhere in the system, which will need replacement. There may be a wire screen somewhere as well, usually it's to take out the logs and blocks to protect the oil pump. However, I'm not familiar with the specific engine so can't help you find it.

    Every bike with a screw-in dipstick that I've come across (including Hondas) needs the cap sitting on top of the threads. Not screwed in. Don't forget to ensure that the bike is vertical, or nearly so, when checking.
  3. I agree with PatBs Post.

    Hate to close the gate after the horse has bolted but If you search the net you may find a pdf manual you can download for free. There are even "Factory" manuals for some bikes free on the net.
  4. As far as I am aware, the CB250 does not have an oil filter. It has a wire sieve in the engine which you take out flush clean and put back in. As filters go it doesn't seem to do too much, just keep the large chunks out of the works but probably if it is clogged up it reduces oil pressure. The closest thing to a manual I have was a PDF file for an earlier model (sorry don't know what year) which refers to the oil being cleaned by spinning it. Presumably impurities are spun out by centrifical force and collect and while it looks different to LizzyM's model, again there is no actual mention of a filter.

    On LizzyM's 1996 model it doesn't take too much effort to clean the sieve. From memory, disconnect the clutch cable at the RHS crank case cover, remove the RHS crank case cover (about a dozen small bolts) and when the cover is removed the screen is exposed in the bottom of the sump and simply pulls out from a slot.

    You may need a new gasket for the cover in case you tear the old one. From memory costs about $20.
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  5. The CB250 1992-onwards does not have an oil filter, it does have a screen which can be cleaned by removing the clutch cover, clutch and than oil pump. Unless some one has been using liquid gasket it is not necessary to clean it.. HONDA does not recommend using liquid gasket any where on the engine..

    Oil Level, ride the bike for 5 min, park it on level ground using the center stand, let the engine cool off for 2 min, unscrew the dipstick wipe it than dip it back in... I have seen these bikes go for a very long time, Australia Post use to use them for their Messenger Post service, they would retire them after 100,000Km! Change the oil often, use 10w40 in winter 20w40 in summer.
  6. Given this (and come on Honda, there's really no excuse in the 1990s), I would strongly recommend 2000-2500km oil change intervals, regardless of what the manual says. Your engine will thank you.
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone. I changed the oil today without any hassles, decided not to open up the engine proper and clean the screen out at this time. I'll wait for the next oil change when I have the Haynes manual and do it then. Thanks again for all the tips very much appreciated!
  8. If you get the Haynes manual can you let us know? I did a search on their website and I couldn't find the right one.
  9. Interesting. I was sure I managed to remove LizzyM's and clean it without taking off the clutch and oil pump.

    It's been a while but from memory it was just in a slot in the sump and could be slid out once the cover was removed.

    But that now makes me wonder why I removed the RHS cover i the first place? Her clutch was a tad suspect maybe I was having a look at what was going on in there.
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  11. I'll post here once I've got it and let you know to be sure. Be happy to scan some pages too if you need particular info...
  12. Looks like the right manual for LizzyM's model.

    BTW we have an owners handbook which I'd be happy to copy if you don't have one.
  13. Im not sure who this is directed at but it's a very generous gesture. Same with you SJade, hope its the right manual ;)

    Infact I have found a couple of cb250 owners manuals on the web in pdf format (im not sure if posting links to rapidshare files is allowed). It's not the most detailed handbook in the world but it sure is handy for troubleshooting tips and basic repairs.

    I think the haynes manuals cant be beat and I will probably get one of those as well :)
  14. Ok I had to check my manual.. yeah the clutch does not need to be taken out..
  15. Glad to hear that. Was beginning to think my memory had really gone.

    Also, glad to hear that. Was beginning to think my memory had really gone.

    Or have I already said that.

    Anyway glad to hear that. Was beginning to think my memory had really gone.