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CB250 at HART

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Faramir, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. On Sunday, I did my Post Learner's Course at HART. They lent me their CB250 because my Spada's clutch is sticky (& stuffed) and gear lever is bent. (From a crash) I found the CB250 slower and had less torque (as expected) . Yet, I found the CB250 excellent for doing slow stuff. I was able to do U-turns despite only having 4 days riding experience. The cone weave was not hard for me. I struggled abit with the sharp left hand turn but I eventually got it. My emergency weave was OK becuase I missed the tennis balls eash time. MY emergency stop were OK as well, especially in the wet. I think in my Spada, I would of found it harder? CB250 is a parallel twin and the Spada is a V-twin. I plan to do the Post Learner's course again before I go for my licence. It was a great way to rebuild my confidence after crashing my Spada in the rain on Saturday.

    The other two were experience riders (much more experienced than me) and they were better than me in the cornering and other general riding around the circuit. (Great circuit). Yet, I cope better than they did once we were inside doing the slow stuff. Maybe the CB250 bike give me an advantage.

    If I can get my Spada repaired quickly, I want to see if I can perform the same tasks with the same efficency as today. How would I get it towed from the Northern Suburbs of Sydney to Caringbah? HART Suggested using a motorcycle transport company. Maybe I should join NRMA Road Side Assist. Although many NRMA mechanics know little about bikes, they can at least organise a towing service.

    PS I like to go around corners slow. I guess I will get faster as I get more experience but I like it slow at the moment. My last 5 days of riding has been either heavy rain or strong winds. I hate cross winds. I think that I am going to be blown off.
  2. Garry the bike mover - 9524 6223, 0403 482 233

    He dleivered by bike to Hornsby form Caringbah a while ago, I think he's mates with the guys form Caringbah MC, so he might do a deal for you if you're getting work done there...

    You could also look at Motomotion - 1300 663 418 or www.motomotion.com.au

  3. the cb's are great for the slow stuff for sure.. i just did my p's course on a CB and had it scratching pegs through corners id never have got near the ground on the across.. they just love the slow stuff and can be thrown round alot while doing it.
  4. I was always under the impression cb250's were single cylinder or am i mixing it up with some other bike?
  5. CB250s are a parallel twin, something around 230ccs. Not terribly powerful, but hey, they're cheap, light and the motor is fairly lazy and doesn't need much revving to move around.

    They were fun to learn to ride on. :)

    I do wuv my VTR though.