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CB200 Restoration Advice

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ScottM, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Just bought myself an old CB200 (not sure of the year, the model with the red tank with the black plastic down the middle of it). As far as I know, the bike has been sitting for a while and so I have not attempted to start it.

    What I have done, is taken both carbs off and cleaned the bowl and jets. I have also taken off the air filters which are FILTHY.

    My question is - where can I source new air filters? And does anybody have any advice for sourcing other NOS parts?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Nice little bike you have there - get some pictures up if you can!

    Have you tried your local Honda dealer for parts? I've had some success sourcing parts for my Kawasaki z200 (similar era) through the dealer.

    Air filter - Mine was NLA, so I gutted the paper part and cut some foam to fit in the remaining metal assembly. You can source the correct filter foam through motorcycle accessory retailers quite cheaply, but remember to oil it as with regular foam filters. That might be an option for you if your filter is NLA and of similar construction.

    NOS parts - eBay is your friend there.

    Starting the bike - I'd change the oil, oil filter, and install a fuel filter if the condition of the tank is a bit sus. I'd probably also get some oil in through the spark plug holes and gently turn it over a few times with the ignition off. New spark plugs would be a cheap way of increasing your chances of success whilst you're at it.

    My biggest recommendation would be to get hold of the factory workshop manual and owners manual - their usefulness can not be overstated!

    Hopefully some others will speak up - there have been a few cb200 projects on here (search for the threads when the search feature returns) and a few others with older bike experience.

    Good luck with it - old bikes are worth the effort I reckon.
  3. A CB200??? My goodness, why? Let me guess, the price was right, right? Seriously, the 200 wasn't the worst bike that Honda made during the '70's but it was damn close.

    Lotsa luck.
  4. There was a thread in here about a CB200 cafe racer conversion. That was a nice looking machine.
  5. I found the project both 2up and I mentioned - look here.
  6. Good work roh..
    She's a nice lookin' bike.

  7. Hi guys,
    Thanks for all the comments. Roh, I will definately follow your advice re: initial start up. New plugs ae an obvious, but the tip about oil down the spart plug hole is new. I'll try that!
    As for why I chose the CB200, well I guess I just really like old hondas. I had a 71 CB350 before this bike and loved it. If I get my way, I will have a good collection of these old bikes before long!

    Again, thanks for all the comments. I will post some photos ASAP.

  8. Hi guys,
    An update. Apparently a bloke in Queensland has NOS airfilters for the CB200. A rare find indeed if he turns out to be legitimate.

    2 issues however. 1 is that he wants $100 bucks for the pair (quite expensive)
    2. is that I am wondering how long this so called 'investment' will last. Does anybody have any tips on how to clean those old paper filters? And also how to properly grease them?

    Hope somebody can help.
    P.s. bike is located with mother who lives quite far away. When I get down there next I will post photos. Bike is in pretty good nick but has the usual blemishes (i.e. pitted pipes, some home renovations etc.,.)
  9. Cleaning a paper air filter - blow compressed air through it backwards. I've never even heard of greasing a paper filter before so I'll leave that to someone else.

    Would a NOS filter have deteriorated sitting on a shelf for the past 30 years? I dunno, but a sheet of filter foam and some filter oil are a lot less than $100.
  10. I agree. you oil foam filters, but never come across a 'greased' paper one??

    $100 for 2 seems way pricey to me. I can get one for my cb900 for $25. If you were going to stay stock, I'd look on ebay. If you're not worried about it, I'd still check ebay for aftermarket stuff.

    sound like a fun project ;-)

  11. Hi ian,

    Yes, I hadn't heard of oiling paper filters either til somebody mentioned it to me. That's why i thought I'd run it through the forums.

    I agree that $100 bucks seems a bit pricey, but I've been quoted a lot more for NOS stock from other places like David Silver spares for example. Personally, I'm happy to try almost anything, but have read in numerous other CB200 forums that non-standard air filters can cause real problems.

    Where are you getting your filters from? $25 bucks seems like an absolute steal!
  12. ebay my friend. I'm thoroughly sick of bending over and grabbing my ankles everytime I go OEM. Even with shipping, they're still cheaper.

    Having said that, I'm shopping for CB900 stuff, and there's still plenty of it around. As well as that, it was used on quite a few other models from the same period.

    Yeah, switching to pods on these CV-carbed bikes is opening a can of worms, and you can end up chasing your tail for no real gain other than aesthetics.

    hope you find a solution.