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CB1300S gets a new colour: Black

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gavinl, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Nobody's mentioned it yet:

    Black beauty

    Anywhere I can see it in the flesh yet? $15,390.00 + ORC seems a little crazy, even for Honda :?
  2. It looks like a Katana shagged a TRX.
  3. amirite?



  4. Personal taste I suppose but I didnt take to the previous model and this new one doesnt win in the glamour stakes either in my eyes.... :?
    It may look better in the flesh but that fairing looks only half stuck on as an after thought. :cry:

  5. That katana should be on the market, what a sexy looking bike! :grin:
  6. Style wise there is a fair bit of Bandit 1250 in the big CB.
    I thought that when I saw the 1000
  7. All Katana's are sexy :)
  8. about time they sold the S in the best looking colour the CB1300 came in.
  9. White and red for my money. I reckon the colours compliment each other superbly. I fellin love with old FJ12 in white and red but couldnt get one in decent nick :? , rare as rockin horse poo.
    Thats why I reckon the new Busa like motorplast's BundyBusa look the shiznit :grin:
    Mind you power wise I was a bit :? surprised, as say compared to Bandit 12. I test rode one at Honda's open day that Im not sure was governed?, cause Loz flew past me on CBR1000RR, mono'n with Cheng on the back, like I was standing still.

    I do like you analogy though Ktulu :LOL: you can see the transformer parallels.
  10. Yep I love the white and red, to me one of the nicest bikes out there. One day :grin:
  11. Once you've had Black, you never go back.
  12. I'm lovin' it (not that mine needs the Tupperware on it, but I'm told that as fairings go it works fine). Much, much under-rated motorcycle that rewards massively when set up just right. Love mine to bits, and I rode 'em all before I chose it. My kind of motorcycle.
  13. I used to ride Honda all the time. I had a black CB900 and then a great red and white CB900FII.

    But I have to say, that new CB is no XJR.

  14. Colours

    The CB 13 was available in other colours for a while, but unfortunately not in AUS.

    They have only imported the version with the gold wheels and the red frame.

    In other markets, especially Japan, the CB 13 was available in grey metallic, in blue and in black.

    The CB 13 is not a "new" bike and on the market for a couple of years.
    It was designed as a Naked, so you're right with the"bolt on" fairing.
    They actually wanted the bike to look retro hence the comparison to the Bol D'or

  15. Designed as a naked, and yet they've killed that one off, leaving only the 'S' model with the dinosaur fairing.

    What's Honda doing? CB900 and CB1300 both disappearing...
  16. Looks (from the side) like an SV1000S with bar risers...