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CB125E Choke question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by UserInterface, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. I just bought a CB125E and so far I have only used it for short trips (25min or under). I always have to start it with the choke at full but what I find odd is after 25min if I move the leaver the smallest amount the engine dies (or dies at the next red light). After about 10min of riding the revs seem quite high to me but someone told me once that bikes run at higher revs. Is this normal or is there something wrong?

  2. What speed does it idle at when it is warm? The owners manual says 1400 +/- 100
  3. It does not have a rev thingy..
  4. Ok, that ,makes it more difficult. It is more than likely carburetor clagged up I would guess. You can wind the idle up a bit but I would say get it serviced by someone who knows about carburetors. You could try some carb cleaner as a cheaper option to start.
  5. it's not even a month old.. I don't mind I can just leave the choke on but it is just wasting fuel, I think it is just that the leaver is too sensitive maybe I can adjust.. i'll look when i fix the damage from dropping it.
  6. If you are saying it is a month old from new, has it had its 1000km first service yet? In any case teh dealer should deal with any new issues.
  7. Could be water in the float bowl?
    As water is heavier than petrol it'll sit on the bottom of the float bowl, & 25min rides might not generate the sort of heat you might need to evaporate it through the system (clear it out).
    Not sure if this works on all bikes, but back in my off-roading days, when I got water in the fuel, I would lay the bike over on it's side (on to deep buffalo grass is nice) & then pick it up after a minute, the fuel/moister in the carb might drain out via the drain hoses.
  8. Nope only half way to 1000km.
    They probably will deal with it but it is a long way away and am not that fussed right now, just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas as I was not sure if it would do damage running at such high revs.

    It also still has the same tank of fuel as when I got it.. in fact it has not even got to the full mark yet :)
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