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CB1100 coming soon

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Farab, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. So far it seems in Japan anyway. Brush up on your japanese:


    Very nice!

    Honda must have thousands of that mirrors - the same type that came out on the Hornet! USD forks with Brembo or similar type brakes would have given it a more retro-modern look, similar to the Ducati GT1000. I guess the suspension will be the typical Honda naked bike bargain-basement-slap-it-on-to-get-it-out-of-the-door type.
  2. It's been a few years since that concept was put out, good to see it making it to production. I really like that design.
  3. That links dead, but it's a cool looking bike.

    It'll be interesting to see how well they sell. I remember reading that they aren't being released in America or Europe (Surprising?).
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  5. Would this figures be par for the course for this "old type" air cooled engine?
  6. Compare it to something like a XJR1300, and account for displacement difference, absolutely. :)
  7. Well, the original Z1 Kwaka had the unheard-of power output of 83bhp when it was released in the early 1970's, so that's comparable. Around 230kgs also so, yeah.
  8. With modern manufacturing methods & technology (FI, etc.), could we not expect to see better figures than that though?
  9. If it's air cooled, they have to allow larger tolerances inside the engine for metal expansion due to heat. Besides, it's developing that power and torque nice and low in the rev range, so it's going to have some shove, and it's got more than enough for legal speeds. If you want more go, try a CB1300 which is liquid cooled and hence kicks out 114 hp @ 7500 rpm.
  10. hmm, 400ccs more, twin rear shocks instead of a single shock, and less horsepower than the 600 Hornet and around 60kgs heavier

    and this is progress from 1998???
  11. Yes, I agree that the figures aren't flattering, but, it's not designed as a "performance" bike, so it will probably find its own niche.
  12. Thats what I thought, but apparently not if you want air cooled.

    What's it with Honda and their love for anemic looking front ends on their nakeds? (it's the same with the other retro Jap bikes TBH) Could they not have made it look more serious, proportionate looking, more modern-retro for want of a better word, such as the Ducati GT1000? What's the point of producing something that looked as if it was made in the 70's or 80's, stored and then dusted off for sale 30 years later? Then its not retro IMO, but a replika or you could even go so far as to say a fake in a certain sense. The whole idea of retro I would have thought, is old school with a modern flavour/technology, again, look at the Ducati GT1000 for a perfect blend between the past and present, IMO. I bet the suspension will be budget as well.
  13. With water-cooling so bullet-proof in modern bikes, though, what reason is there for air-cooling? It's noisier, just for one.....
  14. I guess if you want a retro machine. I would think there's definately a market for that. I just would have thought that they would have actually made a retro, not a replica.

    Concept bike top and production below that:

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  15. If it's a big long-legged tour/cruise type bike, that seat looks pretty thin.....

    and so do the front forks, as already noted :shock:
  16. Retro :-s

    Honda and style still mutually exclusive :-({|=

    At least XJR13 and GSX14 have that bit of a dated look

    Why Honda couldn't grab some cues from Triumph; Bonneville, Thruxton and how cool was the late 90's Thunderbird
  17. No, but it's progress from 1978 ;)

    I've got a funny feeling that if you are quoting HP figures you're probably not in Hondas target market.