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CB1000R - Update - review added, page7

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Farab, May 11, 2008.

  1. RRP = NZ$19K

    I thought it would be much cheaper (maybe NZ$14), seeing as its replacing the Hornet 900

  2. They should give a discount for ugly.....
  3. I like it :!:

    But whats with the kawa copy? Replace HONDA badge with KAWASAKI and you've got the z1000....
  4. i like it too...
  5. I'm usually pretty conservative in my tastes but I think it looks great. And it isn't really a kawa copy at all, it just looks similar because it is another example of the same trend in design. But in my opinion it is executed a lot better on this bike than it was on Z1000.
  6. I like it except for the mask, the lightning bolt radiator guards and the price tag.
  7. Made me think more of the Hayabusa --> B-King path than the Z1000, style-wise.
  8. It does look a bit alien (as in alien vs predator) :)

    I like it though.
  9. But yet again Honda has made the exhaust look ugly :cry:
  10. nice...looks tough
  11. #11 Farab, May 11, 2008
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    I like it. Would have prefered analogue dials though. An underseat sports type exhaust would have been better. The looks are starting to grow on me.

  12. Better for what? For roasting your arse, or for melting any bags you might want to attach? Get over it, underseat exhausts were a fad that is thankfully going away... and none too soon.

    I agree with you about analogue dials though - they are always preferable.
  13. Hmm, I thought the static motor show shots looked OK but after seeing that video I'd be going with ugly now...but not enough to look cool. :(
  14. ^^ :LOL:
    Ok, ok point taken.

    I like things to be symmetrical. Just personal taste. That's why I like the H9's exhaust system.
  15. meh, nothing special here.
  16. Re: CB1000R

    They had one of these at a dealer last week (UK), for viewing only. The overall size is smaller than the z1000!

    Have not yet seen what output power and torque this unit produces, but from first draft sheet, it appears this will be an absolute wheelie monster.
  17. I'll reserve comment until I ride one but the styling just doesn't hit the mark. I sway between loving and hating the rear wheel, the stubby exhaust looks cumbersome and bulky (how they managed to do that is anyone's guess) and the headlight just looks transformers-class wanky. I sure it will work wonderfully well, just as they designed it since it's a honda but I can't say I'm excited about it. I think the whole de-tuned for sissys aspect kills it for me.
  18. I dunno Jakey, even detuned it ought to have as much power as yours, if not more!
  19. i like it somewhat

    but imagine that with twin undertailed pipes and a rear hugger!
    anyone good at photoshop ???;)
  20. You can't honestly expect me to believe it will develop the torque the way a Tuono does or be the same brand of brutal fun? Seriously Loz, I know you have a Honda thing but come on. You'll have to wring the bike's neck to get near what the Tuono does in a lower rev range and I'm not in the least bit concerned about outright horsepower. If I was I'd be riding some boring-arse I4. :p

    That aside, it's still been detuned. It's a bike for people who like mid-strength beer because full strength is just too hard core.

    Anyone name one Jap bike maker that has gone out and marketed one of their proper full strength motors in a naked package and high bars. They all emasculate a perfectly good motor and make it soft and cuddly to appeal a particular audience.

    Thank god for the Italians and Austrians.