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CB Radio - does anyone still use them?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MelbourneMick, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. What's your 10-20 Big Bopper ?

    I have a few CB radio set ups been sitting around for donkeys and before I slap up the for sale sign or free to good home I was wondering.
    Does anyone still use these ?
    Has technology made them obsolete ?
    Does anyone on here use them still ?
  2. I got a few in tow still...use them? no
  3. Got pretty boring once you couldn't eavesdrop on the cops anymore. Ours only gets used when out 4wding now
  4. 27Meg or UHF??

    27Meg is all but dead but 477MHz UHF is still popular with truckers.

    Actually used the one in my car today to warn several trucks of a road blockage between Colac & Camperdown.
  5. Let me know if you want to shift them Mick
    I like a play with these now and then
  6. have one in the ute, handy when off roading or big hiway trips. had a homebase about 20 years ago.
  7. Haven't used a CB in years! We had one strapped to a pushie with a car battery.
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    Mick you will also have a target market in the Grey Gomads, they nearly all carry one, often found on CH18, once your out in the boonies CB is your friend, gives you updates on what is happening up ahead, get told stuff by truckers, (normally things like"fcuk off and get that piece of shit mobile fcuking home off the road" and they are great fun when you are stopped at road works, you can really fcuk with heads of the guys operating the stop/go sticks.
  9. Never thought of the GN's as a market
  10. Sweet as.
    I have to get them out and see exactly what have and will let you know.
  11. the ole AM saved me a few fines back in the day.
  12. i remember comming up behind a caravan when i rode up to brissy a few months back, on the back it said UHF 18 "the wombler"

    made me lol
  13. But what can it do for you now ?
  14. You could always switch one on and see if anyone answers.
  15. Ah CB, memories of CQ-ing the world during the 1979 sun-spot cycle.....

    Somewhere I've still got an album of cards from people I contacted... Canada, Aruba in Central America, Germany and the USA...
  16. Yes 27MHz is prety well a dead duck, but UHF is alive and well :).
    Standard system we supply includes "handhelds" that get mounted or car type ones its the ONLY way to get a group all talking, and over quite a few k's too,
    I have a 5 watt car type with remote face mounted up on the bike and its saved my licence afew times :whistle:. Also good for trafiic probs.
    Ch14 for most bikes, 29 Pacific Hwy Sydney to Brisbane 40 everywhere else and
    YES 18 for telling the Grey Nomads to "look out I'm coming past" :ROFLMAO:
  17. Kind of like the lonely nights waiting for some random to 'poke' you on Facebook
  18. Thanks for all the info folks.
    I will dig them out of the cupboard next weekend !
  19. In all my years driving a b double interstate I have never once been able to call up a caravan on 18. Even when they have a 'George and Joyce Ch18' sticker on back.
    They usually have it off or on ch 40 listening to the conga line of vehicles behind them complaining
  20. On my interstate rides I have a UHF on my bike - mostly so I can learn new swear words and insults from truckies. Otherwise we really only use 'em for drives in convoy with friends.