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CB or not CB (600 or 900)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mike the Bike, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Hi all, firstly, this site and all involved is great and so is riding.

    Secondly, I'm coming off my restrictions and am wondering how powerful to go, to make it simple, between a Honda CB600 or CB900?

    Mainly for weekend rides and out and abouting, my gf will not allow another purchase for a good number of years (after a first purchase mistake) so I mindful of making sure there is growing space. Is there that much of a difference than weight, HP's and cost?

    Any advice appreciated!

  2. Ride both and see which you prefer, I found the cb900 significantly more powerful/"serious" than the cb600.

    Both (while decent high quality bikes) are bit bland compared to the many bikes in that capacity range.......
  3. Buy as big as you dare. It's easy to ride a big bike "small" but it's damn hard to ride a small bike "big"

    Buy the 900, you won't be sorry.
  4. the 900 is just a nice bog stock uninspired all round bike that wont let you down doing just about anything.

    the 600 is revy, whiney and gutless down low with a top end rush but is lighter and probably more flickable

    Ill never buy another 600 i4 if i can and you wont be any more scared of the 900.

    If you have to buy a honda, get the 900.
  5. Why would you never buy a 600 i4?
  6. *another. i just find they are so gutless down low, and need to be wound up too much. so to ride them fast or to have enough power to get into/out of torouble you are up in the high rpms which is just shit for the street.

    Cant stand that whiney high rpm stuff. singles, twins or big i4's.

    now hijack over. return to normal business
  7. Like I said in my OP. It's easy to ride a big bike "small" but it's hard to ride a small bike "big."
  8. I went the CB900 for my first big bike. At the time I looked at a few nakeds. For the price (new) I couldn't go past the H9 for bang for buck (NZ$10.5K) A big torqey, unstressed motor and user friendly for a first big bike IMO. Does everything very good, but not anything excellent, so definitely an all rounder. The bike will be significantly improved by adding (I'm still saving my pennies) an aftermarket rear shock (Ohlins, WP, etc).
    Another mod that most H9 owners do, is to chuck away the OEM handle bars and replace that with the Renthal Ultra Lows - a much nicer riding position.

    I use mine almost 7 days a week, commuting, day trips 1 or 2up.
    I wouldn't mind getting something that will blow my socks off every so often (not that the H9 is a slug), but can't get myself to part with my H9. I will most probably go for an more exiting weekend bike when the money is there and keep the H9 as a workhorse and all-rounder.

    So to get back to your original question, I would definitely go for the 900, just an easier ride (more torque) IMO than the 600.
  9. I've ridden the 600 quite a bit and have owned the 900 for 2 years. Never understood the "uninspired" and "boring" descriptors either of these machines attracted... I find them both great fun. The 600's great cos it's pretty much 100hp packed into a very small, light bike and is so flickable in the twisties. The 900 is comfy and smooth and bloody goes off the line hard. Lots of torque right where I want it, down low... makes the vast majority of riding easy and very fun. It's certainly no slouch around the hills either.

    I know it's a personal thing but for the kind of riding I do (commuting, twisties and touring in equal parts) the Hornet9 is my fave bike out of the one's I've ridden so far, which include: Fireblade, R1, R6, sv650/s, hornet6, fzs600, zx9r, Triumph Sprint ST, a Bandit 1200.

    I love the Hornets!
    And I'm selling my hornet soon too if you're in Melbourne and interested ;) PM for details if so.
  10. some of us love our 600 Hornets. \\:D/

    really, it depends on what kind of riding you're going to do.

    my hornet is faster through tight 35kph corner twisties than bigger bikes cause of how flickable it is.

    a bigger bike is faster through higher speed corners cause of the power.
  11. Both good bikes, the 600 encourages you to thrash it and the 9 is a bit more relaxed. But when you wind the 600 up, it's probably just as fast in the twisties. I'd tend to go by your size and what you're most comfortable on. I'm big, so I got the 9 and loved it for a few years... But every time I play on a 6 it's a hoot too.
  12. Thanks for the tips everyone,

    Always a tough call with people's different preferences, but I pretty much want to buy every bike I jump on and don't think a H9 will disappoint by any stretch.

    Cheers Farab also for the tips on the extras, I'll keep note if I can get an additional funds release from the Minister of Finance.

    Kris, will PM now. See you guys on the rides!

  13. Now this is my kind of thread!

    I have spent many hours pondering what bike to upgrade to when im off restrictions and it does seem hard to choose between the CB 6 and 9, but as many have said i think it really comes down to what kind of riding you do.

    I decided that the 6 would be better for me for these reasons. Im light and i like a light flickable bike, it can do over 200kms with ease which is more than i will ever need on the roads, looks nicer IMO and will be cheaper to insure and rego. It also suits my riding style, power in the mid/highs. I personally like riding in the high revs on the street, riding a small bike "big" so to speak.

    I guess you just need to ask yourself these questions, try 'em out and see what suits you.

    I find it almost amusing that people say the 6 is gutless at low revs - just shift down.

    There is a guy who rides a 600 and parks at Monash Uni most days and it has loads of work done to it and im in love with it. It has a metal radiator line, bottom exhaust fairing, nice after market pipe, eliminator indicators front and back and a slick seat cover that smoothly blends into the sharp rear of the bike. It looks bloody awesome IMO. Who ever owns that, im very jelous and i will work until i get one one day.

    Ive ridden 3 different models of the CB and i really like them. I think a 900 would be fun, fast enough and great for long distance but i just dont need that weight and power, especially when riding tight twisties (which are my fav).

    Anyway let us know what you get and how you go, i dont think you can go wrong with either as long as it suits your style, a lot of guys knock them for their lack of power compared to sport bikes but in reality as daily commuters and weekend toys they dominate.
  14. Hey Danos,

    All very valid points, and I'll ask nicely for you to take a pic of this bike and post it for us, sounds sweet!

    I'm 6'1 and weigh 90kg, so bigger the better. I'm not saying my girl has a fat ass or anything, but we will need some power going two up! I'll be riding both soon and that is the only thing that can make a mind up!


    ps. Surely if you can afford a 2009 Cb400 a mid 2000's CB 600'd be a steal!
  15. I'm 6;5" with long legs and could not get comfortable on the hornet 900 at all. I wanted to sit further back, but couldn't - and my head felt like it was hovering above the front wheel!
  16. lol, "Just shifting down" doesn't in any way negate the (compared to larger bike) lack of guts low down.

    Do the same on a larger bike you'll only be going faster, "just twist your wrist" and you'll still probably be going faster \\:D/.

    Power is only one part of the assessment though, if it were the only one, neither of the hornets would be your first choice.
  17. #17 edgelett, Dec 9, 2009
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    if you're in to mods, you might want to have a look at my Hornet.
    it was basicly a 'netrider project' with lots of help & advice from everyone here

  18. I was thinking more in the acceleration department and in relation to everyday commuting, it may be gutless to someone who really likes fast pick up at high speeds well over the limits but at low speeds through traffic (which is most likely when you need to suddenly move) the 600 will do its job.

    Believe it or not, not everyone is about speed. Im glad you got a laugh about stating the obvious..

    A bike that will do over 200km quicker than just about any car on the road gutless? still amusing. (for some of us) :wink:

    edgelett, your bike is a beaut. Nice one.

    Mike, not sure i can get a pic because i dont have a camera here and my phone-cam wouldnt do it justice.
  19. Sweet ride Edglett, looks amazing.

    Australian racing legend Ray Quincey once told me 'Any man can kill himself on a 250'.

    It's probably faster on a big bore though. I never thought choosing a bike'd be this tuff.

    Thanks for your comments guys!

    m t b
  20. Hey Mike, get your lady and yourself sitting on both bikes before you make a decision, and get a two-up test ride if you can. I think the 900 would have a more pillion-friendly seat than the 600, but that's just my opinion.