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CB 400 vs. VTR 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gator, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I found this great site looking for some information while shopping for my new bike and there is quite a bit of good stuff here on the VTR250. I am thinking of either a 1995 CB400 or 1998 VTR250. I have been riding for a year and a half now on Korean built 125s. (that's where I live and it was easy to get started on something small and local - parts,maintence etc.) With the summer coming here I want to move up from 125cc.

    I think I will be pretty happy with either the 250 or 400, my question is whether I will outgrow the 250 too soon to make it worth buying. I took the VTR for a ride, and loved it, it is so superior to what I have now it was incredible. It felt like I had jumped up more than only 125ccs. I have read a couple posts going both ways on the 250 - small enough to outgrow, and fun enough to keep for a while.

    If anyone has any thoughts on these two bikes I would love to hear them. Any comparisons for me would help, as far as maintenance, reliability, performance, fun factor, etc. I will probably be taking the 400 for a spin this week sometime, so I will have ridden both of them. I would love to hear what you have to say.

    Thanks very much in advance.
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  3. if you can, i'd say go the 400 mate. they feel enuff like a 250 but have a bit more grunt and much better brakes, at least thats what the few i know are like, i havn't seen the CB400 yet. are you moving to NSW or will you be on your full licence over here? some of the 400s out there are friggen great bikes IMO, dont limit yourself to the CB. try a bandit or XJR if you like the naked, more upright bikes (both of these are GREAT bikes) or a CBR (if you can find one) for a racey bike or VFR i've heard has a pretty awesome 400.

    the 400 is an excellent sized bike if your not a power junkie or just a little short for the bigger toys. they pack enuff punch for some serious fun but are also fairly forgiving.....
  4. wow, thanks for the quick responses.

    A few things more I guess.....the 400 is unfortunately not a VTEC. Also, the situation in Korea with bikes is a little different. Most of the bike shops only deal with Korean bikes. So that's what they are familiar with working on and have parts readily available for. The next most popular bikes here are Hondas, so I feel like that is a safer choice due to the language barrier (still) if I have to deal with a problem.

    I don't think I am a power junkie, couldn't be one with a 125. I'm 175cm, not sure if that is on the short side, I haven't tried to ride anything big. I am really new to all this so I don't know a lot and the limited selection here might be a blessing for me.

    Thanks so much for the input.
  5. Sorry, I should clarify.....I live in the country.....way out in the country. In Seoul the shortage of service centers etc would not be a problem, but that is too far away. Just didn't want people thinking this is a completely backwards country (just a little maybe). :D