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CB 360 not charging batt

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by pil, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Ok so Im crap with elects on bikes so Im looking for some help with this little prob. The bike is not charging the battery and with these old type bikes if the battery is flat or going flat the bike wont run so Im stuffed. Any info that will lead me in the right direction would be great. I think that its the stator that regulates charge but thats about it on my elec smarts. Thanks P

  2. No. The stator doesn't regulate anything but the regulator does. This is an old bike. It probably has a lot of wear and tear in all areas. Either crush it or see an auto elec.
  3. 1. Was the battery any good to begin with? If you have a battery very very flat (eg left the lights on all night) the charging system can 'jam' and not charge. In this case you need to charge the battery on a charger, then put it back in the bike and all will be fine.

    2. Is the battery destroyed/worn out/etc? If you haven't tried with a new or 'known to be good' battery, then try that, because a dead battery can suck all the life right out of a bike.

    3. Expensive or tricky-to-find electrical problems
    could be the issue, they are rare, but in a bike of that age
    anything is possible. E.g. alternator, regulator, rectifier, relays,
    corroded wires, wrongly reinstalled wiring from the last owner,
    loose connectors...
  4. It's a Honda

    It's the regulator

    Ditto Roger's advice :)
  5. :LOL: :LOL: True

    check the simple cheap stuff first because regulators are expensive,
    but don't hold a lot of hope :grin: ...
  6. Start with the simple stuff first. Get a hold of a known good battery. Install said battery. Start the bike. Hook up a multimeter on DC volts range across the battery. Let the bike idle. Check voltage. Then slowly bring the revs up. The voltage should rise to a max of around 13.4-13.6 volts. If it does you're laughing. If not -you're in a bit of strife :LOL: :LOL: Next step I would try would be to check the output of the stator. Trace the wiring coming out of the engine case going to the rec/reg. With the bike running unplug the first plug. There should be 3 wires the same colour. Hook up some sort of load to each of the 3 same coloured wires in turn (on the engine side of the plug). A car sealed headlamp works well. Don't connect for too long as you're getting quite high current & voltage. If the lamp glows really bright on all three wires it's a pretty safe bet the stator is fine. From here, the only thing left is either faulty wiring or a dead rec/reg. Hope this helps

    PS This works for 3 phase alternators. Not sure what your bike would have :?
  7. Thanks hotcam and roarin will go over the bike on the weekend with your thoughts in mind and see what I turn up. Thanks again will post up pics of the bike build when I have some time and good photos. P