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CB 250 Gearshift Problems Pls Help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by johnno, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Can anyone please advise on the following problem I have!
    My gearshift gets stuck in 2nd gear and I cannot move up or down, if I stop I am able to jiggle to get going again but the end result is as above.
    Sometimes, as well I'll get a false neutral.

  2. When did you last change the oil? An oil change usually solves gear changing issues on a CB.
  3. Thanks for the advice as I'll be doing an oil change now since I have dropped the oil to pull the casing off to have a look at the clutch etc.
  4. I've had a few similar things happen to me, aswell. Getting stuck in a gear and unable to change even with the hard patch on my boots. Best thing I found was (When stuck at lights) giving it a bit of gas and rolling it forward a tad. This usually frees it up to change.

    Not sure if that's as severe as you are getting it though, but it used to be fairly common for me. I've also had a few 'false neutrals' which cause a bit of embarasment at the lights :wink:

    Actually, also had it stall on me a few days ago at some lights, just up the road from home. I still had the clutch in, just shifted down to first and -thlump- it died. Bit weird that.

    Hope you find your problem, great lil bike.
  5. Hyssy, Thanks for the reply and yes mine is as severe as you are describing! All of the symptoms you describe is what I've endured since Thursday night. What a biatch hey? So have you tried anything to remedy the situation?
  6. I wasn't able to solve the problem. Mine was a new bike, so I put it down to just 'wearing in'. I haven't had that specific problem for a while now, I think the last time I saw it was a while before my 12k service.

    As I said, the best way I found to get around it while on the road was to (when stopped) leave it in the stuck gear (duh) and apply the gas then open up the clutch as if I were to move away in #gear (in your case second). Only go forward a few inches and then bring the clutch back in, I was then able to change.

    I don't recall really having it occur much while riding though, if it did I must have just hammered it till it shifted. How old is your bike/how many ks on the clock? Mine was a brand new bike so...maybe that was my hassle.

    How often is it happening?
  7. '99 model with 34k on the clock and happening to the extent where I had to do something today. I dropped the oil this arvo and it was black "as"! I've now removed the clutch, thrust washer etc and I am taking it to Honda and see if they say there is too much play etc.
  8. Good luck with Honda. I had masses of electrical problems 6 months into owning my 250. After taking it back to the garage about 10 times, they got on to Honda who said if I got any more problems after that, the garage should just replace the whole loom.

    Funnily enough I've not had any electrical problems since. I wonder if it being under warranty made them change their mind about having to rewire it all :wink:

    When was the last time you changed your oil? That's a really weird problem to get, I always hoped mine was mechanicaly sound, even if the electrics were hooky. Just hope it lasts the next month and 3 weeks till I get the 600f :cool:

    Good luck with the bike :!:
  9. Did you rplace the oil and see how it felt or just keep pulling it apart? Black oil in a CB will garentee the gears won't shift proberly. I used to use the ease of shifting to gauge when the oil needed replacing. The minute it started to clunck, I'd change the oil and return to smooth operation. If I let the oil go black, it's give me a world of grief. Sounds like a simple solution but I wouldn't be thinking of spending too much money or time in the garage at this stage. :)
  10. I've noticed with mine that all of the following can affect how smooth the gear changes are
    1) age of oil
    2) level of oil
    3) how tight the chain is (or how slack)
    4) how tight the clutch cable is
    5) how loose the clutch cable is

    Do an oil change and check the level is right.
    Do a chain adjustment if necessary, 10-20mm play is the spec, I find that the tighter side of this spec is better.
    Adjust clutch cable for about 10-15mm play in the lever, too tight and the bike will only move with about the last 5% of the clutch being let out and possibly slip under high load in the top gears (ie hard acceleration).
  11. Thanks to everyone for all the replies and I will do all of the above and see how I go. I had no idea the oil etc, has such a detrimental effect on the gears. As you can probably tell I'm new to the game. Once again thankyou.