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cb 1300

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by timbo79, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if there are any cb 1300s riders out there that can give me their views on the bike or anyone who knows or had experiance with the bike. Jeffery honda at ferntree gully has just received a shipment of new cb 1300s in white and red they are selling them on road for about 13500 on road good deal....

    Cheers :cool:
  2. Yeah not a bad deal... I've ridden one a couple times...

    In the twisties they're good and comfy, the size isn't such an issue once you're moving. They steer nicely and aren't too bad as long as you're not going too fast. Once you turn it up a bit you can feel the rear end kind of weaving around a bit underneath you. Some folk like it, I can do without it.

    In town the injection snatch can be a bit of a pain - it's probably curable but who knows. Otherwise, if you like a large, heavy machine they're very composed and have plenty of beefy drive. They're not a hoon bike, more of a gentleman's express but well put together like any Honda.
  3. >>>They're not a hoon bike, more of a gentleman's express but well put together like any Honda.>>>

    Nicely put and on the mark. Add to that good overall economy, surprisingly comfortable seat for both rider and pillion, heaps of underseat storage (you don't rate it until you realise you've stopped using a tank bag), good brakes (from the 'Blade but more weight to stop), and nimble handling for a big fella.

    Finish is a mile deep, and the service costs are pretty low. It doesn't eat chains and tyres as you might expect, if you keep it smooth and ride the torque curve.

    Low seat height and easy to handle at low speed. The big first gear is easily avoided by grabbing second as soon as you get moving, as the engine will pull from 1500 rpm. I don't notice injection snatch any more.

    Good instruments, adequate headlight, and a nice cruiser, though the five-speed box (from the 'Bird) should have been a six-speeder. It cruises at 100kmh at 3600rpm, whereas the Zook GSX1400 manages to do it at 2900rpm. Having ridden those two back to back, I rate the Honda sharper and more taut handling, but the Suzuki is a great alternative.

    Ride it, and see what you think. It's a good deal.

    Contact me off-forum if you want at bumblebeeman1150(at)hotmail.com


    Mr Bee
  4. So you're still on the hunt timbo?
    They are a nice well put together machine and if pure touring is your thing they will do it no problems.
    On the other hand if you want to let loose "occasionally", I'd still be looking at the B1250 or H900.

    They are all worth comparing and if you like the big nakeds compare the GSX1400 too.
  5. Thanx everyone it is always a hard decision which new bike to choose even when you know the style of bike you want we are all spoiled for choice.....yes twowheels i am still wanting to test ride the bandit but as you know the wait on supply is annoying wish suzuki would get their act together and get more in aus they are loosing sales.......i would presume that the cb 1300 would be on fairly even terms with the 1250 bandit in engine size and outright speed and power output?? correct me if im wrong......the h9 still is a fav. but i think sometimes it would be nice to have that extra zooom from one of those big mills....thought about the gsx 1400 but it is not liquid cooled so that puts me off in terms of preformance and power again correct me if i am wrong....oh well have to go out to ferntree gully and test one of the new cb1300....ill report back my findings....thanx again :)
  6. Aaron Slight

    They do have their hoon moments....

    Aaron Slight giving a 1300S heaps at Taupo, New Zealand, being chased by a black 1300F like mine (but probably going faster than I ride mine :roll: ).