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Cazzo'z own CX500 Cafe/Brat build

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by cazzo, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Well I've been talking about a CX500 build for a few years now. I bit the bullet between Christmas and New Years and bought myself a CX500 Custon, which I prefer over the regular CX500.
    This is a runner, but when it gets warm it carries on a little bit, but the main thing was the bike complete and going.

    Picked it up a few days into 2013.

    Started stripping it a couple days later.

    Decided to mod the rear frame. The frame is pressed box section, so I sliced the inner off, made some lobster cuts and used a 3mm stell plate welded on the inside as the radius I wanted.
    After this, I templated the seat base and fabricated it from three sheets of 450gsm fibreglass.

    Being a custom, it runs a 2-1 system. I wasn't sure about this but on reading it gives the best performance and I think note as well. Cut the old muffler off keeping the collector and tacked on a muffler I scored off a car, yet to decide on tip but the whole system will be black and headers wrapped.
    Hiding under the engine is a battery box I fabricated, once it's black it should be hardly visible.


    I didn't want typical clip ons so went a black flat/drag bar.
    All major parts dummied up.


    Now in bits. Frame mods to be finished, pillion pegs cut off and some other brackets.

  2. This looks interesting!

    Good Onya for biting that bullet. She'll come up apples mate.

  3. Ahh brilliant stuff cazzo I shall be watching this one.

    I like what you've done with the seat. I've been trying to figure out how to go about mine, so this is helpful :)

    Do you have any pics of the kind of look you're going for?
  4. Good on ya caz, keep the pics coming.
  5. #5 cazzo, Jan 19, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2013
    I don't want to go with the typical cafe racer look, so I'm taking bits from the cafe scene and the brat scene and doing more or less my own thing.
    I don't like conforming to rules :D

    This is my first attempt and building a bike, if it all goes well enough, it wont be the last. Soo much easier pulling a wiring loom and a motor out of a bike than a car!
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  6. Love a CX500 project - they are such good 'blank canvas' material for all sorts of custom builds. A mate of mine has just fitted a mikuni carb conversion kit to his CX500 custom and loves the performance increase.
  7. Well here we are, about five weeks on from the day I got the CX.

    I'll let the pics do the talking;

  8. awesome looking paint job on the motor.
  9. Thansk man. Certainly no stopper, but it's good enough.
    I'm already thinking of the next build and I haven't even finished this one.
    I've been enjoying putting the brain into another gear and getting my hands dirty. Haven't done it for a few years after I built my last car.
  10. Excellent work there - makes me want to add a CX to my build list.

    Are they the Mikuni carb conversion inlets I see on the engine?
  11. Great stuff mate, love your work.
  12. Looking toward to the end result.
    Always good to see a project come together step by step through photos.
    Well done Cazzo
  13. Yep, they'd be Murray's kit.

  14. Excellent - mate of mine swears by that kit.
  15. Couple more teasers. I painted the tank this morning, I want it to be the signature peice of the bike.

    The actual colour itself is House of Kolour Galaxy Grey base with Platinum Metajuls in approximately 120 micron. All other products ar Glasurit.
    I am considering Kandy over the top, but will wait until the bike is almost complete to decide.

    Oh, seat base is at the trimmers. Really looking forward to seeing it!

  16. Looking good Cazzo, so many quality CX builds around at the moment.

    Got any more info on the carb upgrade?

  17. Nah, not really. What info would you like?
  18. Nothing in particular, just curious. Currently playing around with a set of Mikuni flatslides from a Skidoo on a mates CX.
  19. I am sure you will enjoy your first ride on this new cazzo rebuild !! bravo