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Cavalry of One

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRAffair, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Just thought a few people here may like to see this, and maybe help out. I bought my T-shirt today, and will try and catch up with the bloke when he hits Adelaide.


    It's a Site about an 85 year old bloke doing a round Australia trip as his last hoorah. There are a few videos at the facebook site linked from this main site, and he seems like a really nice bloke.
  2. I bought 3 T-shirts a couple of weeks ago. His name is Doug Sunderland. I'd be surprised if no one here had not heard of him given his life in the motorcycling world, in particular PI.

    I'd never met Doug, but a call went out across the Cavalry of One facebook page that he would be in Figtree (near Wollongong) yesterday - 13/10 - and he wanted to find out how to avoid Sydney's wonderful road network on his way to Hornsby. I rode down from Sydney. One of my mates, who doesn't ride but lives in Hornsby, came with me in his ute.

    So we met Doug at Maccas at Figtree at midday. This bloke is amazing. A typical dry Aussie who at almost 86, still has a cheeky glint in his eye. He has ridden over and across all the continents. Done so much. I'll stop there, because I would love him to be able to tell you these stories himself if you catch him on the road somewhere. He's riding anti-clockwise around Oz this time because as he says, "It's shorter...the lane is on the inside.." :beer:

    Anyway, the three of us left, my mate leading, Doug in front and me behind. He decided he would punch on through to the Entrance for the night. My mate bought him a feed at Thornleigh before he took him up to Brooklyn and said goodbye. Doug was gobsmacked that 2 complete strangers would afford this kind of help, but as we said to him, if we can be half as good as he at that age, we'd be very ferkin happy. Plus it's a bike thing :)
  3. Would anyone have done it different?..*raises glass and nods*
  4. Thanks for posting this vtr, pretty incredible bloke...
    Go for it doug, have fun
  5. I'm gonna bump this, because Doug is freaking awesome, and My t-shirt arrived today. Fit's brilliantly.
  6. There is another thread running on this .... can a mod merge them?