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Caution -Vehicle/driver combo?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grey Gentry, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Here is my thoughts on types of vehicles and drivers. This is stereotyping at it's best ( or worst?).

    We need to be cautious around:

    Rank Vehicle Driver Reason
    1 Taxis Any They don't check, takes too much time.

    2 Commodore Male P plate They think they are indestuctible, still learning.

    3 Hyundai Female P plate Don't concentrate, still learning.

    4 4x4 large Any Mine is bigger than yours.

    5 Tradee Any Thinking about the next job.

    6 Riceburner Male Wanna race?

    7 Volvo/BMW Any I'm below the speed limit, I must be driving safely.

    8 Light truck Any You can't hurt me up here.

    9 Semi Any They can't see you.

    10 Rustbucket Any They don't care.

    As riders, if we took extra care around these vehicles/driver combos, we'd be all better off.

    You may wish to add to these...or re-order them?

    Please don't get defensive.

    What's your take?
  2. Anything with no or missing hubcaps.
    I don't know why, but they all seem to drive like wankers.

    Anyone wearing a high-viz vest in the car.
    As above.
  3. Aged Holden, particularly Statesman but Kingswood works too, with bowling hats up the back (OK, evidence of being driven by a bowler). Slow, erratic, chatting...
  4. Anyone whose head I can't see above the headrest.

    Oldie but a goldie - hat on parcel shelf
  5. Its the ones with hubcaps half on, half off that you've got to worry about! :)

    Fairly comprehensive list.. but when you add them all up you realise its a fairly stupid. IMO it should be the other way around, who DONT you have to be super worried about?
    - Drivers who also ride/rode/riding experience

    But since you can't generally tell, best to just look out for every car. I mean look at the list! If you add up 1-10, you've pretty much defined EVERYONE.

    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. V6 Commode, pretty lights on top and the driver wearing a blue shirt. :cool:

    They want to share your wallet.
  7. holden X8 5.7v8 crewman SA8802 n/p - i heard the driver is nutz :twisted: :twisted:
  8. Late model sports bike / Rider with brand new (matching) gear: Prepare for dodgy lines, parked mid-corner, and wobbly riding while trying to hang off. :LOL:
  9. Hahahaha

    I think pretty much anyone on the road apart from me is an issue, hell even if they can drive.ride better than me, you still never know what there going to do :LOL:
  10. Courier Van drivers, same as taxi's plus just because there are no side windows in the vans usually means keep out of my way .
  11. My take is that it's a good effort there (OP) [​IMG]

    I'd add maybe couriers in there somewhere..
  12. I would add:

    Sportbike riders any - feel the need to go faster when around other bikers, show off, and give an overall bad image to the lesser informed public. :cool:

    4th Gen toyota camrys any - you know who's driving 'em :wink:... just be warned, they usually have no peripheral vision (or don't use it enough)
  13. do the big mean sportsbike riders make you feel jealous? you poor thing :LOL:
  14. :LOL: :LOL:

    Well i need to "un-bias" it out:

    Crusiers (male): tend to hog the lanes, and like to slow traffic flow down to a more suitable speed (their engines just can't keep up)

    scooters (male): a target for the wrong reasons.

    scooters (female): a target for the right reasons.

    motards/dirt bikes: the fact that they've been trail riding on narrow paths does NOT mean that they can filter at the same speeds.

    which brings me to my 1st point which needs to be modified:

    Sportbike riders (male): menace to society - speeds, squids, filters and splits. can reach speeds of excess 200km/h on 1 wheel. even the five oh are afraid. NOT to be messed with

    This is all according to the stereotype herald. :grin:
  15. Pretty sure that's covered by volvo drivers :LOL:

  16. Hey us motard riders do alot worse than just lane split at stupid speeds, lets see... wheelies, jumping over round abouts/traffic islands/any thing else in our path, endos at any place we HAVE to stop, cutting through parks/golf courses :rofl:

    Were a public menace and proud of it :cheeky: \:D/

    (this is only a stereotype though....honest O:) :butt: )
  17. A certain ethnic group that drive Camry's with a tissue box on the back parcel shelf and a motley collection of small, bright stuffed toys across the dash.

    I haven't had any problems with blokes in fully sick cars. They seem to spend all their money on those things and don't like taking too many risks.
  18. Any hire vehicle, especially small trucks - chances are they're lost AND don't know how to drive that vehicle.
  19. BMW / Mercedes: "I am too rich to give a shit about anyone else so they should get out of my way, even if I don't use my indicators, speed or drift all over the road."
  20. Like some of the earlier posters, I find it easier to list the other road users who don't scare me much.

    1) Classic and vintage car owners travelling at a good clip (rather than the 80 kph or 10 below limit maximum that the wannabes seem to think is all their pride and joy is capable of).

    2) Outlaws on Harleys. Whatever you think of them, those guys can ride. Well the ones over here can anyway.

    3) Me :grin: .