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Causes of Road Rage

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Since we've all been victims of road-rage at some time or other, (and perhaps even perpetrators!) a recent BIKE Magazine survey on the CAUSES of road-rage is of interest. (Survey was of car drivers)

    1. 52% Being tailgated by another vehicle
    2. 35% Vehicle pulling into your safety gap
    3. 32% People hogging the lane
    4. 23% Slow drivers
    5. 22% People who wander in their lane
    6. 20% People who take you on your left
    7. 15% People who brake suddenly

    and, surprisingly, right at the bottom of the list

    8. 8% People who speed

    BIKE concluded; "..we recommend that you ride extremely fast down the motorway, then find a nice, twisty back road and leave the car drivers to get narky with each other." :LOL:
  2. :LOL: :LOL: i agree with BIKE magazine's conclusions :p
  3. I second that motion!
  4. I'd say:

    1. 100% Dick heads

  5. Bad stats which ever way you read them.
    Whatever happened to the era of courtesy & patience ?
  7. I find these 2 interesting,
    6. 20% People who take you on your left
    7. 15% People who brake suddenly
    i do about 70,000k a year in the car and 10,000k on the bike i'm forever overtaking people on the left because the selfish pratts sit in the right hand lane under the speed limit, also there ane lots of reasons to brake sudenly, may be if the d!ckheads didnt sit so close up you ass they would have time to react.
  8. Which would indicate that less than 48% of people tailgate... Or we have a lot of unaware hypocrites on the road
  9. Ha ha - I thought exactly the same thing!! :LOL:
  10. Woodsy, the reallllly annoying thing about that stat is that these idiots sit droning along in the wrong lane AND THEN get road-rage AT YOU when you do the logical thing and pass them in the 'slow' lane. Hypocrites all... :roll:.

  11. lolloololooooll the wot?
  12. :rofl: must have been a childhood bedtime story I once heard :LOL: :p
  13. +1 i agree.

    I don't see a problem with passing on the left?

    Is this something i should stop doing?
  14. Bert Newton conducts these sort of polls all the time. :grin:
    Agree with the top answer too.
  15. The Age published an article the other day in which they spoke with a Swedish (I think) road safety expert who's been living and driving in Melbourne for two months.

    His view was that people here don't leave enough space between vehicles. They tailgate, which means they have insufficient time to react when something goes wrong up ahead.
  16. People not moving out of the overtaking lane is a pet hate of mine. In that case I generally overtake on the left.

    And I always move out of the overtaking lane regardless of the speed I am doing.

  17. Road rage is such an overused term these days! SOunds like people flashing lights or honking has now become Road rage, everyone wants in on it!
    I always thought it was getting out of teh car and performing acts of violence.
    Oh well!

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Dead on.

    A good mate of mine is a B-double driver, and that shits him to no end. He tries to leave a big safety gap ahead of his 60-odd tonne truck, but dickheads switch into his lane and fill it right up. Every time he has to stop in a hurry, he has to lock up the brakes to do so.
  19. what about as*h*les on mobile phones?
  20. You have to remember this is a British magazine. In Britain they actually practice a concept called "lane discipline", wherein they stay on the left unless onvertaking, and ONLY overtake on the right.
    Interesting concept, eh?
    We don't do that here, of course.