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Featured Causes of accidents

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Darrin Hodges, May 4, 2015.

  1. Been watching a few videos on YouTube involving motorbike accidents. One of the things that stood out the most was that speeding is the number one cause, even when the rider was not at fault speed was a factor. So I've put together a short list based on my observations:

    1. Speeding
    2. Not riding to conditions
    3. Riding where other road users can not reasonably expect another vehicle to be
    4. Inattention
    5. Posing

    Anything else?

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  2. Seems to me the most glaringly significant factor is that all the crashes you watched were caught on camera. To counter this I suggest fleeing at high speed upon becoming aware a camera is present.
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  3. I hope you are wearing your flame proof underwear. :popcorn:
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  4. #4 Skid Mark, May 4, 2015
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    Abuse removed :MOD

    The 'number one' cause of any accident would go something more like 'Poor hazard and risk management' Im so fcukin SICK of this crap.
    Here, I got a few for ya.

    *inadequete rider ability
    *inadequete road user ability in general
    *rubbish tyres/brakes/suspension/bike because decent gear is unaffordable after rent, food etc
    *rubbish road design, construction and maintenance.
    *concerntration lapse resulting from; modern machinery, open highway, outdated traffic management
    *innatention due to constantly looking at speedo
    *scanning for police hidey holes in between looking at speedo in case she slips over 3 killermeters.
    *knob jockeys who buy into this speeding bullshit, confuse the real issue and delay real change.

    This laughable speeding propaganda is repeatedly force fed to the general population until they believe it. And its working.
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    Mod hat on. We all know this is going to be a rough thread. Any personal insults will be deleted and possibly result in bans. Argue the points not the man.

    Mod hat off. The number 1 cause of accidents are brain farts. Whether that brainfart was caused by going too fast for a corner, a car not looking properly or accidentally letting go of the clutch. Most speed limits are too low. If you have enough common sense it's not hard to work out an appropriate speed above the speed limit without increasing your risk. Sometimes it is even safer to speed.
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  6. After watching a few videos on YouTube. Did you know cats play the piano? Did you know 9-11 was a government conspiracy? Did you know iodine is in the water to dumb down the masses?

    Thank you for enlightening us on this YouTube. It is amazing.
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  7. #8 Darrin Hodges, May 4, 2015
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    IE; riding to conditions. I agree that limits on multilane hwys should be higher.

    Well one dude did leg it, leaving his girl friend to dust herself off after swiping a car. I mean what sort of person would do that? Running off without even checking that the bike was ok?
  8. Fair Dinkum.....
    Coulda cut the frustrated bits and left the just of it. Ah, well. Hope Ol mate got a squizz and some food for thought. Would have loved to hear his counter...
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  9. That requires more buttons to push.
  10. 6. Riding like a loony 'cos you mate is taking a video of you.
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  11. 7. Mechanical issue's such as:
    Puncture, sudden deflation.
    Light gone out - suddenly no headlight at a critical point, rear tail light out - unknown to rider.
    Catastrophic failure of - swing arm pin (broke) , rear wheel bearing (collapsed) , chain carrier failure (thrown chain in heavy traffic - Have to cross lanes with no power to get off the road)
    Throttle cable issues (stick on, due to internal fraying)
    Side stand left down (common on older bikes with no lock out)
    (all of these have happened to me - fortunately without bringing me down, but a mate of mine died over the side stand left down)
    8. NFI (inexperience) Some people don't even know what went wrong.

    9. Sudden change in the road conditions - unexpected sand, a splash of oil, diesel or some other contaminant on the road. You can't ride to the conditions 100% of the time, where they change suddenly.

    10. Wildlife

    I've seen two of these in U-tube videos - One was a rider who got charged by an animal while negotiating a herd of cattle, the other was doing a wheel stand and his front wheel fell off while he was up. (!) Add lack of preparation or maintenance.
  12. Just remember, OP, that youtube videos are not a clean sample of all motorcycle riding, for very obvious reasons. Also, where does SMIDSY fit into all that?

    I agree that speed is probably the most significant factor in most vehicle accidents... mostly that's because if all vehicles were doing zero speed, there would be no accidents at all :p Unfortunately I don't know how useful the information is...

    I think most riders that have survived without accident are those who ride defensively... part of that is knowing when you can open up and knowing when you're better off just chilling out.

    Pretty freakin' complicated issue.
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  13. Accidents are the out come of hazards that were not identified or adequately controlled. At worst, because controls were not followed either accidentally or deliberately.

    Here some non brain fart ones.

    *suprise skippy
    *Suprise terrified granny, who can't see so good no more.
    *manufacturer fault of brakes/engine/tyre etc
    *sudden loss of visibility eg sunrise/sunset/fog etc
    *rear ended by following vehicle after slowing due to sudden loss of visibility. Following vehicle experiencing the same problem.

    Let's call them incidents instead of accidents.

    --Righto, Live longer 101--
    Risks are every day life. How you manage them determines how you live with them or stand back and say 'Naaa, Russian roulette not for me'

    *An incident is the outcome of a hazard occurring
    *A hazard is loosely defined as 'anything with the potential to cause harm'
    *The probability of a hazard occurring is scored as likelihood. And is determined by frequency hazard is encountered and realistic possibility of it occurring
    *When a hazard is identified and checked against the likelihood of it occurring, you end up with a level of risk.----some levels are acceptable eg, rain,rabbit darting out etc Some are not eg, No front brakes, being hammered etc.
    *To control and manage high risk hazards to a level we feel comfortable with, use control measures, in order of effectiveness they are.
    (hazard=car fails to g'way/stop at sign/lights~80km)
    (Risk=possible to likely) incident = busted bones, 4-8wks sick bay. give or take.

    -ELIMINATION- Take all cars off the road~ Won't Happen

    -ISOLATION- Have two seperate roads for bikes and cars or have bike only times of the day etc Or redesign every intersection so paths merge instead of intersect ~ Not Feasible

    -SUBSTITUTION/ENGINEERING- (perform task in a way that changes or reduces the hazard) UNFORTUNATELY, speed (energy levels) is the one of the very few things that changing has an impact on the hazard.... So we get these friggin 70 & 60 & 50 & 40 speed limit controls everytime WH&S gurus deem a new hazard is introduced. Black and white procedure and relying their book smarts they most efectivley lower the immediate risk. Even if the speed limit changes 4 times in 100 m. This way, the client has shown it has left no stone unturned in pursuit of a safe environment it is responsible for and therefore is not liable for negligence or duty of care breaches in event of incident....blah blah blah.
    This is where your swift little ''speed is the number one factor'' twisting of averages comes in.
    Yes it's number one in that it is ALWAYS a contributor. As soon as you tyre starts to roll... Speed is a factor
    So... Lower limits generally. More policing for, ahem, safety. Evolving safety requirements on new cars. Improved Engineering and construction of roads, (cost permitting..)
    What the other option is, is VASTLY IMPROVED TRAINING STANDARDS, DRIVING STANDARDS AND DRIVING CULTURE through totally a overhauled transport system. This will reduce incident likely hoods significantly, increase effiencies, lower insurances etc....BUT, is a MASSIVE undertaking that while take a generation to be realised and cost considerable money with little return for 20yrs. Hard trick to sell to most people after trying for so long to convince everyone fatality statistics correspond with police efforts to fine.... I meant photograph and mail out infringements.... No I meant protect the community with a parked cars presence.
    Dammit, if everyone would stay 1km under the limit, and wear a seat belt, she'd be right.
    Too hard for now basket.

    -ADMINISTRATION- (training)
    *motor vehicle training, (new applicants)- completion of state recognised certification course.
    THIS IS THE BIGGEST DILLEMA FACING US TODAY. State recognised,certification course standards are a long way from achieving the standard of ability required. Let alone a national standard starting from a young age to develop a driving culture.
    (Existing applicants) No further training/refreshers currently required until you are legally blind or suffer certain medical conditions. (CRAZY) Many road users got their licence by doing a lap around the block. You'll spot a lot of them on roundabouts. And not letting cars merge and flow etc

    Seat belts, ADR, NCAP, etc .... and reflective vests...
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  14. Not enough hi vis and not enough yoshi pipes
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  15. Clearly the biggest cause of motorcycle accidents are motorcycles. No motorcycles, no motorcycle accident.
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  16. I would say, without fail, the Number 1 cause of accidents is human error.

    Speed in and of itself is not an issue. All the other ones you've listed can be simply categorised as "human error" or if you like the human did something stupid and crashed.
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  17. Really? Just ?
  18. Just what?
  19. Oh come on people! Haven't you been listening to Duncan Gay??? The number one cause of death on our roads is speed! This is why we need more speed cameras installed so we can all drive safely home to snuggle up to a hot water bottle in our little warm beds!! I'm just glad the government is protecting us from ourselves!

    *NB* Views & opinions expressed in this post are not those of the author! They are an attempt at sarcasm! Thanks Sheldon!
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