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Cause for offence - jetski riders "bikers of the water&

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mjt57, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Bastards! We should speed past them, pull a shotgun out of nowhere and point it at them, that'll shut them up.

    I bet they'll complain about us on the radio though.
  2. Speaking as a boat owner the behavior of the *majority* of jet ski owners I come across is pretty ordinary.

    Most of them ignore regulations about which side to pass another vessel on, what speed they can travel at near other vessels, they consistently fail to give way to vessels under sail and most of them think nothing of passing close to vessels at anchor at speed.

    I'm sure there are good jet ski owners out there... but they are bloody well in the minority!

    It seems like most owners treat them as toys to which normal boating regulations simply don't apply and the only motorcycle group I'd compare them to is the squids that fly from corner to corner along twisty roads only to slam on the brakes in the corners holding other people up

  3. People shouldn't be allowed to "own" land. It turns them into knobs.
  4. I love Jetski thingys. Huge fun, but only if you have mates to race against.
  5. Hey Steve, it's our extra taxes that are paying for road improvements from damage that we are not the cause of, but hell I guess you and your car/4wd/truck can rutt them up some more yeah ? And Steve does the council pick up your barker eggs 'cos you aint got no plastic baggy's in that picture. You silly sod you need to get a jetski and go patrol your waterway's on Thursday nights from rowdy water-hoons, heavens above they're gunna take over !!!!
  6. Substitute vehicle for vessel in the above paragraph and it starts to look kinda familiar.
  7. Im A fuc8ing local and if the local council doesnt get off there anals and do something about this i will bottle the basta%rds each time they wiz past on there super wog craft :LOL:
    I drink at that beach, i tan at that beach i perv at that beach and most importantly i relax at that beach! and if they ban swimmers then the fun and enjoyment of going to the beach is gone.
    I have already signed a petition about this, and im sure bayside council will eventually pull there fingers out and get it rite :!:
  8. We used to rent a townhouse right on the beachfront at Edithvale.
    It was two story and our living room was on the second storey which overlooked the beach and foreshore.
    I have to say that most jet ski owners are brain dead morons with little concern for others.
  9. I think that some of you missed the point of this thread. That the Herald-Sun thinks that Jetski riders are nuisances and refered to them as "bikers".

    So, should we be offended at this? And does it display the underlying feeling that the media in general has about motorcycling (and PWCs)?
  10. I used to get upset by stuff like this. Then, about 15 years ago, I realised that it had always been thus and I was unlikely to make it change with my righteous outrage and became more relaxed about it.

    The net result is that I am happier and the image of bikers has not changed noticeably for the worse.

    And it would be hard to pretend that there is at least a significant minority of jetski riders who are inconsiderate dills. Much like bikers really.
  11. being comparred to is a sign of respect is it not ?.
  12. Bloody bikers - can't trust 'em. Bunch of lawless hoons the lot of 'em. No respect for society whatever. :LOL:
  13. #14 wodka, Dec 12, 2008
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  14. I'm not saying that PWC riders don't have a group of reckless or "hoon" elements amongst them. It's the Herald-Sun's editorial that piqued my interest by generalising all PWC riders as hoons and then comparing them to "bikers".

    Of course, if you're "relaxed" about the whole thing, fine. But I tend to get annoyed with the media when it can't or won't offer us balanced reporting without the need to inject its own bias and prejudices into its editorial policies.
  15. Speaking as another boat owner, a lot of other boat owners i come accross are pretty ordinary as well observing just as little of the rules.
  16. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm monumentally pissed off with the Australian media (I thought the British media were pretty bad until i came here), for all sorts of reasons.

    But I personally am over provoking my blood pressure about a media image that hasn't really changed in the English speaking countries in at least 85 years.

    My grandad and his mates were tarred with pretty much the same hooligan brush in the 1920s, with their antics on their fast, raucous, dangerous 350 cc sidevalves, their over consumption of bottled beer, their dangerously subversive music and their loose women. I guess when you've spent your young adulthood suffering from lice and dysentry while watching your mates turned to "clag like snots on the wall" you feel entitled to a little savage enjoyment and a bit of tut-tutting by the press isn't much of a deterrent.

    Given the historical precedent of attitudes towards bikes for recreational purposes, I can't kid myself that it's going to change soon (or ever), so I've stopped letting it get to me and only respond when there is some direct safety or legislative connection, eg moronic statements by St Grant the Righteously Indignant (fellow Sandgropers will know who I'm talking about).

    Off the cuff bollocks like this is water off a duck's back.
  17. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that there aren't some stupid thoughtless boat owners around because I know there are. In fact the ratio of idiots to those that have half a clue is probably similar to motorbike riders.

    The thing about jet skis is that the ratio of idiots to those that half a clue seems to be inverted! Instead of most people being reasonable most of the time it's most people not.

    So people comparing motorbike riders to jet ski riders... well I get annoyed, most of us are better than that.

  18. Yeah ,I should be offended ,but im a jetskiing hoon. :LOL:

    Jetskiers have a REAL REAL bad name .Even I walked in to the black stump hotel in the middle of the desert and got into a conversation with a old local that has never seen the ocean or water will tell you ,jetskiers are hoons.. although he has never seen one or water ,but he reads the paper the media has brain washed 99% of the population that ALL jetskiers are hoons. :roll:
    So bikers being compaired to jetskiers is a bad thing .

    But most people know a motorcycler rider and thats the person they think about when the word biker is mentioned and they know your just got the bike for fun or to get to work and don't think another thing about this artical .
    We know this because "they" ..the non rider.. run us over every day ,if they where out on the roads keeping an eye out for the jetskiing bike rider hoon on the roads it would be a safer place.

    Super wog craft ...nice racist comment ,with a big laugh smiley!!

    So you want nosiey, smelly ,hoon "wogs" ban from YOUR beach ?

    You ride a gixxer ,so I guess you have a after marker illegal pipe or want one ?

    So you made it nosiey for you own enjoyment and ride past peoples houses annoying them.

    You made it smelly ,changing the Euro 3 pipe.
    On your way to the black spur ,where you speed.

    And the difference is between you and a jetskier is ???
    Besides ones on water and ones on the road.

    You are the same as the jetskier you hate.