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Cauliflower ear vs Bike helmet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mooney, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. Hey all. bit of a strange one. Does anyone else on here have cauliflower ear?

    (For people wondering what the hell it is, it's when you suffer damage to the ear and the skin separates from the cartilage and the resulting area swells with blood causing the ear to look disformed and to be very painful)

    I've had it for a few months now and have been trying my best to let it heal without getting it drained via syringe.

    Just wondering if anyone has worked out a way to get their helmet on without the ear folding over because by golly gosh it's frick3n painful lol
  2. Very ugly too. You an MMA fighter? Get a medical certificate and forgo the helmet :p

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  3. Hmm. Possibly a thin beanie or bandana just to stop them folding over.?

    Getting them drained isn't so bad. Why are you avoiding it? Trouble is they tend to come back quite easily.
    Apparently sleeping on a firm surface (sand bag) will help reduce the swelling, or at least stop it from getting too bad.
  4. Lol they sure are ugly. Yeah a dabble in a bit of martial arts. Yeah perhaps that's a good idea. Surely I could get my mother to write me a pass to not wear the helmet. Was good enough for runners at school 15 years ago lol

    Yeah I think I will look at getting it drained because it's a pain in the arse. I'm sure a hard surface might reduce the swelling but I don't think I would be able to sleep. I just worked something out. Use the frame of my sunnies to hold my ear flat whilst I slide my helmet on

    If it weren't for the no tinted visors news I wouldn't of tried the sunnies lol

    On a side note I was just riding in heavy traffic and was thinking about another benefit of lane splitting. Not breathing in exhaust fumes whilst you sit behind badly maintained cars lol
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  5. van Gogh's solution might be an option...
  6. elastic head band. and topical pain ointment.
  7. If you dig around a bit you might be able to find a helmet with removable padding or even modify the inner padding (the comfort stuff, not the harder impact protection stuff) just where it presses on your ear.

    It's a common enough condition amongst various contact sports. Get it sorted. If you leave it long enough you'll have to accept it and all the stupid assumptions from little pencil-necked office managers etc for life.
  8. I believe he only did the job on one though, i stand to be corrected though.

    Chopper reid had it sorted...
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  9. [​IMG]
    I Guess that's Why!!!
  10. You could go for the more "hardcore" method if you prefer

  11. Yeah great pics guys. Love it...... lol
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  12. Oh make no mistake I could easily post one of her ear after, even video of her still fighting with is busted open before the ref stopped the bout ... but that would have been going a little too far for the kids looking over their parent's shoulder and those with delicate constitutions.
  13. I have the fortune of genetics that mean my ears stick out rather being pinned back against my head and hate it when i put my helmet on and my ear gets folded over the wrong way. I also like a very snug fitting helmet.

    I simply find that while pulling the helmet over your head just pull the straps apart as much as you can. This typically opens up the entrance to the helmet wide enough for you ears to slip in with out folding.
  14. Ah yeah good idea. I will try pulling the straps out to the side. I've just been a lot more careful keeping my ear flat and my ear has actually healed a lot. Must've been the helmet that kept aggravating it