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Caught speeding....what to do?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kenno, May 27, 2008.

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    Okay well im still on my L's and went through a fixed speed camera today and saw the dreaded flash flash...looked at my speedo and i was 5ks over... Im still not 100% convinced it was me who set it off, but my question is...

    Should i get my P's before i get the letter, or stay on my L's? Does anyone know the scenario for each case?

    P.S. dnt have a car atm so any scenario that involves me keeping my bike license would be appreciated...

    ...And yes i think i already know the answer to my stupid question... ha ha
  2. Bugger mate. That bike's had no luck with coppers :p

    Get your Ps first, otherwise your Ls will lapse and you'll have to go do L course again! Talk on msn if you want more scheming ;)
  3. Damn! .. that SUCKS!
    5 bloody km/h over, :evil:
  4. ...but getting any speeding offence on your Ps is an instant suspension isn't it?

    I think that redoing the Ls course would be about the same and then you can get your Ps sooner perhaps?

    Its a biatch booking in for Ps and waiting 6-8 weeks only to have to do it again later, unless you just get your Ps back without having to redo the course.

    ...I'm glad this isn't a "How to get out of it" thread... There would be much flamage.
  5. mate got done for 10k's over... i think it was a $220 fine, and 3 or so points...
    i dont think you will be done to bad wether your on your p's or l's... :)
  6. no no... i knew i was speeding as soon i saw the flash...so there will be no getting out of it for me haha.... Yeah that bike has not seen luck in my hands... haha.... And phizog you wuld hate to see it atm after you getting it re-sprayed ha ha...

    Okay so if i get my P's, cop the 3 month ban, will that take away from my 12 months on my P's?

    Stupid new laws..im just hoping that it was someone coming the other way that got flashed...or that there is too many other cars for them to tell it was me speeding...im very much doubting any of this "luck" will come my way...

    Anyway enuf bitching from me... thanks for the quick replies
  7. I got done in albury doing 83 in a 80 zone cost me not very much and 1 point, from memory. If your riding/driving between woodonga and albury, go slow on the causeway, or use the highway.
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